Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Jun 2018 11:19:28

THAT the Railways are now providing basic healthcare kits, equipment and assistance on running trains, is a welcome change. The Railways thus appears to have taken a step forward towards passenger care. This is, thanks of course to the committee appointed at the behest of the Supreme Court.

Thus in one more critical area the Supreme Court’s intervention has brought a very welcome change on  running trains which carry millions of passengers on its fleet of thousands of trains every day. Such kits of critical importance in an emergency, especially on long distance trains, should come in handy when most needed to save a critically ill travelling passenger.

In such situations a basic first aid box may prove to be of little use. On the advice of a team of doctors belonging to the AIIMS, appointed by the apex court, the Railways have taken the welcome decision to stock as many as 88 life-saving equipment, medicines and injections on all trains and stations replacing the good old first aid box. That is a very welcome departure from the past. Cheers!


FROM the day North Korean leader Mr. Kim Jong-un came out of his cocoon to hitch a train ride to Beijing, the Korean peninsula is witnessing a paradigm shift in the hitherto stiff stance between North Korea and South Korea. Even as nuclear negotiations roll on between US President Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Kim Jong-un, the two Koreas have embarked upon some remarkable confidence-building measures that can usher in a happy peace in Asia.

The military rivals have now opened up rare high-level talks to discuss ways ahead in reducing tensions across their heavily fortified borders. These discussions have come up after a gap of 11 years which itself tells the story of insecurity and mistrust among the two neighbours.

At the root of this conflict was the US Army’s overwhelming presence in South Korea for regular joint military drills. These exercises were the cause of consternation for North Korea which led Mr. Kim to take resort to building his nuclear arsenal. Now, since the Panmunjom summit, peace seems to  have taken precedence in the neighbours’ policies.