A matter of choice by youngster

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Jun 2018 09:24:12





l Meeting the youngster was a pleasant experience by any standard. As I entered the front room of the house, the head of the family called his young son to say ‘hello’. The boy came, 

very neatly dressed, very completely politely, said ‘hello’ with a broad smile, and waited until his father asked him to sit down in a chair. Conversing with him was a great experience as he knew the art in a masterly manner. After a while, he sought permission to withdraw into an inner room. “I want to complete my assignment,” he added. When is the deadline, I asked, and he said, “It is ten days away. But I would love to be ready by today, so that I don’t suffer from a last-minute rush”.

Once the boy disappeared into the inner room, the father said with a sense of pride and elation, “He has been like that all along. We have taken special pains to groom him this way. That has helped us a great deal. For, on his account, we are never rushed, never flushed with haste.”

Rare are such examples. In most cases, we see examples of youngsters in a tearing hurry as they generally fail to manage their time properly. In most cases, we see youngsters rushing through the details of things in a last-minute rush to complete their assignments. For, somehow, they have never been introduced to the master-techniques of time-management.

For, somehow, they have never been introduced to the principle of reverse calibration of time at hand. For, somehow, they have never been told the value of time as an asset that slips from the grip before one realises. So, whenever we come across young people whose sense of time and its management is perfect, we get perplexed -- to have come across rare models of good personal management, of which time management is an integral part.

But then, it would be unfair to blame only the youngsters. We cannot escape blaming elders as well for bad personal management. Somehow, the virtue of good personal management comes from both, heredity and environment. All experts insist that environment plays a more dominant role in person’s grooming. That youngster had had the advantage of fine grooming by the family. He had understood and experienced the benefits of fine grooming.

Of course, there is another dimension, too, to this thought. Many parents do insist that their youngsters do not pick up their good habits. This is also true in a larger number of cases. The youngsters in many families just fail to pick up the right habits and mess up things. To a vast extent, therefore, the choice of youngsters to groom themselves or allow the family environment to have a positive effect on their grooming also plays an important role. If the youngster decides to change for the better, he can do so easily. But if a youngster is obstinate about certain things, then nobody can help him.

That is why we come across many youngsters from messy family environment doing extremely well for themselves. They realise the disadvantage of bad family environment and want to rise above the situation. In most such cases, results are really welcome.

The sum total of such discussion, therefore is that in most cases, the youngsters have to make their own choice.