Inner growth is required for TEAMWORK

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Jun 2018 11:34:58



I f you succeed everywhere, it will wear you down and keep you from achieving excellence. Always think that every problem has many potential solutions. You can’t beat everyone else all the time. You are responsible for what you think; so, think in winning ways. Refuse to allow self repudiating thoughts. You can grow from adversity. It is not essential to have losers to have winners. You don’t have to defeat someone to become a winner.

Winning is an internal process. Self-worth is based on internal scale. The inner-directed person refuses even to label himself as a loser. On any single day, no one is better than anyone and so cultivate a winning philosophy. No comparisons are required to evaluate yourself. You can learn from even a single experience.

It should be taken as a motivation for growth than an evidence of deficiency! Winning is really an attitude whereas defeating someone is uncertain. Get out of the self-defeating pattern. There is a premium on winning at the expense of losers. You become unique and you are the miracle! History of the human race is history of selftorture.

What happens is that suffering becomes beautiful. It leads to unknown destinations and ultimately you reach where you wanted to. An agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of others is not real happiness. Seeing the grateful smile of others when you extend a helping hand is real happiness. Most of your possessions spiritual or material are yours simply because you acquired them.

If they are lost, stolen, or destroyed they are still yours because you acquired them after a struggle, trial and error and a sound judgement. In the training college, the trainer used to say “You have been given the responsibilities of leadership. You have done well as a follower but you do not have the strong qualities required in a position of authority. You cannot allow your personal life to influence your professional life. You have to surround yourself with skilful advisors, people who hold values in life and expect others also to adopt values which have a consistence value at all times. Remember, that you are not a solitary person. The course of your life depends on others for its accomplishment!” Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what lies clearly at hand

Do not regret the past; do not day dream the future, live purposefully in the present. Keep your mind open for ideas to enter. Mind should be a parachute which works only when it is open. Filter the stuff before they enter the mind. Retain the essence and throw out the garbage. Everyone is unique with a different fingerprint, footprint, voiceprint and genes. We all don’t know all the answers fully! First effort should be to fill-up the dark area and make the surroundings visible. You have to discover yourself, be the jockey and control the ride to the desired destination. Benjamin F Fearless gave a recipe for successful achievement.

He said “Choose a career; give it the best you can, seize your opportunities and appropriate them. Lastly, always be a member of the team. We are not born as human beings; we become human beings through our effort and learning from wise men. We need time to grow.” God will not ask why you are not Mahatma Gandhi. He will only ask why you are not yourself ? In fact, there are plenty of opportunities parading as hard work. Remember, that we are the Producer, Director, Script writer and Actor in the drama of life. No point in saying at the end that the drama was bad. Just getting along in life is not enough.

Life is 15 per cent ability and 85 per cent human engineering. Take an inventory of yourself. As Eleanor Roosevelt said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” The only limits in life are those which you impose on yourself. Life is a game and defeat or success is certain. It all depends on you to convert mere iron into gold. Greet each day, clap your hand; be cheerful and lead happy moments. There is no score board in the race of life. By empowering others, you don’t decrease your power. It is like lighting candles; your candle still gives light. Gifts are given to be used.

How we use them makes all the difference. Culture helps in using our talents to the optimum. Laughter is a sign of joy. There is lot of bogus laughter around. Real laughter the kind that explodes is rare. Laughter is the sign between man and beast. It was the German Chancellor Bismarck who said: “If you think that the enemy has only two causes open to win. You can be sure that he will choose the third. Brains are like car-engines. They need warming up by outrageous ideas or thoughts provoking suggestions.” ■