hocus potus!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Jun 2018 10:09:26

US SENATOR from Texas, Mr. Ted Cruz, describes President of the United States of America Mr. Donald Trump as “a flash-bang grenade thrown into Washington by the forgotten men and women of America”. The analogy of a grenade is not too far-fetched. Mr. Cruz’s perception of Mr. Trump is a disruptor of status quo, scaring the heck out of those who have controlled Washington for decades. And yet, the cataclysmic after-effects of this “flash-bang grenade” explosion would be a big mess that America may not be ready to clear. Here is a man, who defied convention and voice of reason to achieve the highest office of the US, running like a bull in the China shop, leaving behind a rubble that has even the staunchest of American allies worried.


Constantly riling the world with his spur-of-the-moment foreign policies, Mr. Trump has yet again done what he was not supposed to do. By announcing stiff tariffs on USD 50 billion of Chinese imports, the POTUS has escalated fears of a trade war that the International Monetary Fund and World Bank had warned of. China has promised retaliation, which it will deliver in no uncertain terms. But even as the two big economies wrangle over correcting their own trade deficits the world market becomes a jittery place for investors and small economies. This is the latest from the Trump Stable that just does not bolt.

For Mr. Trump, he is just fulfilling his electoral promises. For the world, the orange-haired, Twitter-obsessed businessman is out to change the face of international relations without caring for tomorrow. Breaking the set moulds, dismantling popular ethos and steamrolling prudent processes with his churlish blink-of-the-eye decisions, Mr. Trump is strutting like a bully desperate to impose his supremacy. In his die-hard belief of sticking to the ‘America First’ policy, the US President is fast isolating the superpower in a world with fast changing political equations.

Europe and Asia are still finding ways to deal with this man who can brazen it out of any situation. Be it the ‘Covfefe moment’ or the tirades against American actors, sports teams, and even pornstars, Mr. Trump reminds the world that he is here to do what he wants to do. The theatrics may bring him fans but certainly not a long political journey. The recent G-7 Summit that ended in a fiasco provided the world what to make of Mr. Trump. Here was a man, pouting in one corner like an angry schoolboy even as German Chancellor Ms. Angela Merkel tried to make sense of the situation and his position.

Mr. Trump’s behaviour is a far cry from what America had envisaged through the Monroe Doctrine. James Monroe, the fifth US President, had enunciated four basic point that included keeping the United States out of internal affairs of the wars between European powers. With passage of time, as a new world emerged, America slowly drifted from the Doctrine as it harboured its expansionist dreams. This pursuit of oneupmanship has driven US Presidents over the years, many of whom defied sane opinions and some or the other time even pushed the USA to the brink.

Mr. Trump, a disputed choice to lead the US, given the allegations of Russian rigging of the Presidential polls, is moving a step too far, clearly aware of the limited time he has at the helm. How much such an approach would solve problems or tackle crises is anybody’s guess.