Why it’s important to teach students ethics of work

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Factors you must remember while selecting a career: 

l Interest (Let the students take decision) - It is first step in choosing career, look in to your area of interest then think to select career option. Your interest carries your dream and insists to put effort to make dream come true.

Self-assessment (SWOT) - Before taking step ahead please do self- assessment (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Treat )which helps lot for choosing career option properly, so that he/she will not have to regret for a wrong choice later on.

Vision- Your vision should be clearly define. This will make you confident to run behind vision.

Self Confidence - It will boost up your strength for hard work, positive thinking and give energy to never give up.

Believe in the hard work- It is only pill for successful career irrespective of any career option.

Positive Attitude & Thinking- It helps to catch smoothly your vision and make convenient to climb ladder of success.

Think out of box (Don't rush behind the crowd) - It is very important tip nowadays. Keeping in mind upcoming technology and to survive in global competition it is need of time to think out of box. It will surely help you to choose right and unique career.

Explore Options - There are numerous career options available today. We have to explore option as per our interest and future career opportunity.

Research careers - Research careers in multiple ways so that it helps to take right decision. It may do by asking to friends, relatives and seniors or with the help of internet. It is better to consult professional career counselor.

 Learning Ability - It requires for every career option but vary according to course. Student need to think their learning ability as per course then only choose appropriate career.

Employment opportunity or self employment opportunity- Considering current employment scenario it is need of hour to think seriously about employment opportunity or self employment opportunity for concern career option.

Choosing career based on Academics, Personality and Desire - It is indeed important to consider your academic excellence, your personality value and your desire about career while choosing career.

Plan your education - Make systematic plan for your education which will help to take step ahead it consist of duration of course, enhancing skills, job opportunity etc.

Avoid imbalance between option, your dreams & expectation of parents and friends- Always stay firm on your decision, don't imbalance yourself due to any fraud commitment, get it verify first. Go through all requisites for concern course e.g. Affiliation to University/ Board, recognisation by statuary body of government, whether that course is valid for all competitive examinations of government, whether college fulfill all necessary norms to run the course like infrastructure, qualified staff, laboratory, use of recent technology etc. Don't imbalance due to expectation of others.

Make a commitment and take action- Once you come to decision to choose appropriate course of your liking, make commitment to yourself, take firm decision and go head.

Evaluate your decisions- Before finalizing your decision of choosing career it is essential to evaluate it to know any lacunas or scope of improvement.

"There is a choice you have to make, in everything you do, and you must always keep in mind, the choice you make, makes you."

As soon as a young child comes out of school he is confronted with the problem of choosing which is the most appropriate stream of studies for him/her to study further. Career selection after Std 10 12 play vital role for students as well as for parents. Every student has the potential to develop self-understanding which includes understanding of abilities, interests, behaviours, attitudes, values, conflicts, anxieties, likes, dislikes, impulses / emotions, goals, one's role in society etc.

Every parent keep dream for their ward to become a successful in future and live happy life and this dream come true only after choosing right career. The need for career guidance and counseling for students emerges from the changes taking place in every sphere of life. It is important to think wisely while selecting the right career and arriving at the right decision. The process of choosing a career is an introspective and important task. Here are some tips that will help you decide how to choose a career option that suits you:

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