Tribal culture ‘Ghotul’ on the verge of extinction

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Jun 2018 11:17:32



Our Correspondent


IT seems that western culture has dominated a major proportion of rich ancient Indian culture. ‘Ghotul’, for which this tribal dominated region has been known, is on the verge of extinction. Nevertheless, efforts are on to preserve this culture at any cost.Ghotul is an essential part of Muria and Gond tribal culture. It is basically a large hut of Gond and Muria tribe bordered by wooden or earthen walls. This serve as a territory for unmarried adults. Ghotul is also known as autonomous and independent Youth’s Republic.In Ghotul, the boys are termed as Cheliks whereas the girls are called Motiaris. The leaders of Ghotul here are called Sardar and Belosa respectively. Here, the young members are taught various lessons such as discipline, cleanliness and hard work.
The boys and girls are also taught the idea to serve the public, take the pride in the appearance and respect their seniors and themselves. While staying at the Ghotul, there are various dances and cultural activities performed by the girls and boys. These cultural activities are done to build discipline, impress the partners and showing the hard work.
There is also hierarchy here, Sardar – the head boy and Belosa – the head girl are the in-charge of Ghotul and assign specific work to each member like cleaning, sweeping and cooking etc.

While talking with some Muria tribes people, it was learnt that the culture was started by tribal legend and their brave ancestor, Lingo. The main objective of starting this culture was to establish a good bond between all Gond community people. During ancient period, the Gond and Muria tribe children were deprived of education. And therefore, he took this unique initiative to educate these children and make them learn about their social and household responsibilities. In beginning, the boys learn to make a wooden comb. Later, one of the girls who come to Ghotul steals this comb which conveys a message that the girl who had stolen is interested to marry the boy who had made that comb. Later, the couple decorates their Ghotul where they learn and practice different things which are required for a marriage life. “Ghotul is one of the ancient tribal cultures. Western culture has badly affected traditional rituals and cultures in India and this is why Ghotul is on the verge of extinction,” said Bastar Sanskritik Suraksha Manch District Coordinator Mangaun Kawadey.