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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Jun 2018 11:29:33


YouTube star Sahil Khattar has faced rejection by casting directors for being bald. He wonders why cant he turn into an “endearing actor and performer” just because of his physical appearance.

“Next for me would be other comedy shows. I am in talks with 2-3 channels for a show. Films are next for me and I hope to get a chance in Bollywood,” Sahil told.

“The way people appreciated and loved a bald guy on the digital space...Television also warmed up to me. A lot of times the casting directors, producers tell you that the look is not going (with the role). The look is not going because I am bald.

“Now, look at Dwayne Johnson. He is one of the most successful actors on this earth, look at Jason Statham - he has got the hottest wife, look at Pitbull, the biggest rapper in the world... All of them are bald and are ruling the roost. So why can’t I turn into an endearing actor, performer and why can’t they give me a role on whom the whole film is dependent or revolves?”