Art is apolitical

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jun 2018 10:51:28


Art and artistes exist beyond religion, politics and boundaries, says veteran actor Paresh Rawal, who believes the audience must also watch the performance of an artiste in an apolitical manner.

In an era when artistes are attacked due to their political ideology, how must audience respond to an artiste?
The BJP MP (Lok Sabha/Ahmedabad East) told IANS, “I think the audience should watch the performance of artistes keeping their political opinion aside because art is apolitical. Our film industry is the most secular and apolitical place. Art should not have any boundaries and we should keep it beyond political ideologies.”
“I think there are only a few narrow-minded people who create such fuss. In our film industry, when we work together, we are not bothered about who is coming from which religious and political background... So as an audience, why would they bother,” questioned the actor.
He said he is a big critic of his own work. “I can watch my films objectively and most of the time I criticise my work very hard. Every time I watch my performance thinking I should have done this or that... I am always dissatisfied with my work as I think I could have done it much better,” said the actor.
The actor also says that he has gone beyond hits and flops. “No. I live with a film till the film releases. What matters to me is the response of my first audience, who are the director and the writer of the film. As an actor, I execute their vision and only they have the overview of the film. So, as long as they are happy, my job is done. Yes I feel happy when a film does well, but that does not make or break me as an actor.” n