Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jun 2018 14:32:24










THE arrest of the serving and past C h a i r m a n - cumManaging Directors (CMD) of Bank of Maharashtra on Wednesday by Pune police is a clear sign of the deep rot that has set in in the banking sector. Involvement of high profile bank officials in financial frauds, in connivance with top level business people and corporate houses, must have become a matter of serious concern for the Government. In most cases, which have recently surfaced, top level bank officials, some of the ranks of CMDs, have been found to have connived with business people to defraud banks of thousands crores of rupees of public money. This in spite of the fact that the intentions of the borrowers of bank money were suspect and the collaterals that were pledged with banks to secure loans were shown with inflated values and could not cover even the principle loan amount, let alone the interest component. All this has been done knowingly. But more than the business people it is the officials who should be held primarily responsible for breach of trust.


YET again at the receiving end of severe international indignation, Mr. Donald Trump, the inscrutable United States President, has put an end to the cruel practice of separating migrant families at the US-Mexico border. Mr.Trump’s‘Zero Tolerance’ policy towards migrants was bound to come under severe criticism. It started from theWhite House when First Lady Ms. Melania Trump disapproved of the brutal practice of separating children from their parents. An avalanche of scorn from all quarters forced Mr.Trump to beat a hasty retreat and revoke the controversial and inhumane order. The US President has always advocated a strict policy against migration even suggesting to build a wall at the Mexico border. While a regime can be strict in its policies, it cannot be inhuman. The ripping of children from their parents and keeping them in a separate “tender age facilities” was barbaric and immoral, to say the least. This goes against the basic commandment of humanity and deserved strong condemnation. Finally, sanity seems to have prevailed.