Source: The Hitavada      Date: 23 Jun 2018 11:21:02

HAVE we seen the last of Leo Messi? His subdued demeanor, wavering focus and ashen face lacking intensity of a champion during Argentina’s tortorous night against Croatia in the World Cup were clear indicators of Messi’s end as an international footballer. He had already quit a few months ago only to return on a desperate country’s call. But the return was of a player mentally and emotionaly burned out, struggling to cope up with the burden of expectations every time the striped-shirts dreamt of another World Cup glory.

Since Maradona, Argentina’s journey focused on only Messi. And for the oodles of talent he paraded in the Barcelona jersey, the Argentine great just could not turn up for his country. The burden was too heavy even for a legend. Legend? Yes! Messi is. No one can take it away from him. But even Gods have feet of clay. Part of the fault lies with the men around him, who did not stand up and get counted, denying Messi the mental zone he needed. In the end, a cluttered mind brought down a champion. 



THE murder of an octogenarian couple in Mumbai’s Khar area shows how vulnerable  to harm old people have become. This raises the pertinent issue of their safety. Already battling loneliness, physical harm becomes additional worry for such senior citizens, apart from worries over financial and health matters. It is worrisome that a large number of old people, now a days, are  required to spend their ageing lives in near isolation as their off-springs are required to go away from them in pursuit of their careers. The population of such people is growing by the day which is turning out to be a social problem.

Unfortunately there is hardly any institutionalised arrangement to take care of such lonely aged people in the country. Under prevailing circumstances they are left at the mercy of strangers who could not be adequately trusted to take care of their of health, security or emotional deprivation. It becomes a disaster when the caretakers employed to take care of the old people resort t o crookedness. In such situation old-age homes seem to be a better option.