Source: The Hitavada      Date: 23 Jun 2018 11:25:31

Corruption, casteism, farmers’ suicides are on the increase in the country. Poor people do not get two square meals a day. And in such a situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is asking people to do yoga, thus said Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee and Member of Parliament Ashok Chavan in a press release on Thursday.

CHURLISH! That is the only word one can think of to describe the statement of Maharashtra Congress President Mr. Ashok Chavan who also is a Member of Parliament, and a former Chief minister of Maharashtra. That a man of his stature could make such a churlish -- and even stupid -- statement about yoga, is shocking, to say the least. It exposes the intellectual bankruptcy of the man and his organisation. From Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi to State Congress President Mr. Ashok Chavan, everybody is engaged on a daily basis in making statements that are plain churlish or stupid or nonsensical, their sole aim being to cause insult to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi or some or the other person of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). These people do not realise that such stupid statements do not make any impact on the people in general and that in a pre-election year, such an exercise is only going to bring them down on the scale of popularity, and nothing else.

International Yoga Day on June 21, is one of the best achievements not of just the Prime minister but of the whole of India and its history and culture and tradition. That the world accepts this day to celebrate the International Yoga Day is nothing but a celebration of India’s gift to the world since time immemorial. That a Prime Minister focuses his energies in convincing the world about the utility of yoga not just as a therapeutic tool but also as a mantra of holistic living, is a matter of India’s happiness.

Yet, those blinded by the rage of electoral defeat four years ago and now looking forward to another electoral battle in another year, have been targeting Mr. Narendra Modi for senseless criticism that the common people just cannot understand. Yet, undeterred by such a massive public rejection in the electoral process in the past four years, these minions indulge in the criticism of the Prime Minister who enjoys a tall personality even by global standards. It is he who has given India its sense of importance in global affairs by his astute statesmanship and intelligent diplomacy. It is due to his leadership that India has got a global acceptance as a globally leading nation in these tough times. The acceptance by the United Nations to celebrate June 21 as International Yoga Day was one of the measures of success the Prime Minister has registered on behalf of the Indian nation. Yet, the Opposition parties refuse to acknowledge this global acceptance of an Indian gift of excellence in individual as well as collective human well being, and indulge in senseless criticism.

The Prime Minister has never denied existence of various ills that confront the Indian society today. The pushing of the idea of yoga as an effective tool to mending human ills is part of Mr. Modi’s bigger response to the challenges at hand. In his Yoga Day statement, Mr. Modi did remind everybody that it was in yoga that they could find an effective answer to the various issues the common people are confronted with. The Prime Minister also has never denied the presence of the reality that there still are people who go to bed hungry day after day. But this realisation does not militate against the concept of yogic exercises as a method of achieving a greater personal and collective well being. Much to the contrary, Mr. Modi has urged the people to consider yoga as a method to fight many of the ills that dog the society.

Yet, minions like Mr. Ashok Chavan have found a sadistic pleasure in criticising the Prime Minister in such a churlish manner that shows their intellectual bankruptcy and spiritual poverty. And this is happening at all levels of Opposition leadership, no matter which party is involved. They do not seem to realise that such statements by them are going to bring them further down in public esteem. Perhaps, this is good for the Prime Minister and his party. For, when the Opposition is digging its own grave by indulging in nonsensical statements that stand no intellectual scrutiny, the BJP must celebrate by all means. Yoga is a complete science, as the world has now recognised. It is one tool in the hands of modern man to ensure his complete wellness -- physical, mental and spiritual. It is also a great method of stress-busting in modern times in which the human individual often finds himself torn by strife of all kinds. In such a condition, what can calm him down and make him ready to meet life’s challenges squarely, yoga could be a terrific therapy.

Yet, blinded by political ambition, the Opposition leadership is engaging itself in statements that can bring joy and sense of achievement to nobody. The Ashok Chavans in politics will never be in a position to understand the truth as it is. On a second thought, one does feel tempted to motivate the Ashok Chavans all the more to keep making statements that will eat up thousands of votes each time they open their mouths to say something. Social media has jokes doing the round that Mr. Modi has hired Mr. Rahul Gandhi as his Man Friday within Congress party to cause internal destruction. Mr. Ashok Chavan could also be a second-rung recruit of the Prime Minister to achieve a similar goal. Jokes apart, it must be stated without hesitation that the common people would not even care to see what the Ashok Chavans in Opposition ranks have to say.