Joy is accepting what YOU ARE RIGHT NOW

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Jun 2018 11:53:48



If you ask any man in India, what is it that most interferes with his enjoyment, he will say “The struggle for life”. Ours is the only species that can learn to talk, that can develop a conscience and enjoy making things like ornaments, writing poetry and stories, undergoing pain and struggle to exist. William Gladstone, when he was not busy governing Victorian England is said to have read some twenty thousand books in five languages. He was reading not detective stories but looking up something new and novel to govern a country! There is a story narrated about MichelAngelo who enjoyed painting the ceiling of Sistine Chapel lying on his back on a scaffold for years and enjoyed doing it.

Once someone came and disturbed him and he lost his concentration and could not paint the face of Jesus, however much he tried repeatedly. He got down from the scaffold went in search of the visitor and found him after an intensive search. He apologised for his rudeness, came back and painted the face which became a masterpiece.

When I was in the Police, I enjoyed facing challenges in crowd control although it is a specialised art because there could be loss of life if you lost temper and did not play it as a game causing least damage and more self-confidence in talking with crowds. Although, a crowd has no individuality when it becomes a mob and somebody irrational takes over the leadership. In the fracas that follows, the police have to restrain and very often take the first assault and turn it into a game of victory through mere patience and slow action when the crowd attacks the police for one reason or another. In the end, who wins is not the point but who contributes towards return to normalcy makes all the difference.

In order to achieve prosperity and fulfillment during the years ahead, we have to begin planning our future with care and planning much more than what we do while holidaying a vacation. A wise man once told me that the best way to be happy in life is to make others happy and share part of that happiness. After all, happiness is not permanent but temporary but it makes life a purposeful mission having achieved something during the living days.

My father used to call that feeling as ‘Releasing the imprisoned splendour’ and ‘Releasing the hidden potential’. No man has ever achieved worthwhile success who did not at one time or other find himself with one foot hanging over the brink of failure. And when he comes back to success, his exhilaration is so high that he is ready to face the next failure. We realise through experience that success is built on loyalty faith, sincerity, co-operation and other positive forces with which one should surcharge his environment. Our teacher used to say “Doers are the believers. There is a difference between wishing and actually believing that you will get what you wanted.

The seed of success is dormant in every defeat that you experience.” People who feel good about themselves are charitable, generous, more for giving, less defensive about mistakes, more accessible to change and better able to cope with misfortune and adversity. People who feel good about themselves will be more open to suggestions of change. A person who sees himself as a good person believes in his capacity to become even better and thus grow and develop. Once in the class while in school, the teacher asked: “Tell me what your favourite weapon is and I will get it for you.” Many students said many things but the teacher said: “It is not what you mentioned. The best weapon is the human brain. We can use the brain as the biggest investment and when we don’t use the God given brain it becomes a debt instead of an asset. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. That is what our brain can do every time everywhere.” My guide used to say: “Learn from nature. Animals work, relax and rest.

They don’t do overtime or work in a night shift. But humans plan, fail and succeed. But they don’t consider success as temporary, an experience, a learning lesson. Some people wonder why there is no fun in life with no money in the bank, no friends, no love, no work, and so on. How did this happen? Well, it happened because you did not evolve into a human, able to debate and distinguish what is beneficial and what is destructive. Choose the right path and you will reach the destination.” Even if you don’t reach the destination, you will be halfway ahead. Having reached there, the final destination is quite near. And you will reach there ultimately