Salutes to a rare family

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Jun 2018 10:20:23





To meet with people of such a high level of awareness about handling a youngster in the family, is always a rare occasion. For, when the youngster reaches the level of ninth standard, the entire family gets high-strung and edgy and willing to pick up serious argument about how its method of pushing the child to maddening schedules of study is the best one.

All of us come across hundreds of such cases where the whole family assumes certain madness about what kind of study schedule the youngster must have and how the family -- everybody -- must adjust according to the child’s schedule, waking, sleeping, eating, bathing, and everything that happens in any family. But a few days ago, I came across a young family that sorted out the issue in a most wise manner. My salutes to that family that has such a maturity ingrained in its system.

Of course, there was some difference of opinion on how to make the child study. Some persons in the family were of the opinion that the child should be subjected to a punishing schedule so that he does not leave any stone unturned as far as studies for the tenth standard examination next year are concerned. But what made a very interesting and critical difference was when the child’s mother did not subscribe to that view. She insisted that the kid must be given big enough time-windows to read other-than-study books, watch TV for a while, play with the kids in the neighbourhood, go for long cycle rides as stress busters, and then study in a most organised manner. The young mother did find it tough to win everybody in the family over to her approach. But eventually she did it successfully. Therefore, my salutes to her -- for sticking to her ground, for not allowing temporary temptations to force the child into a punishing schedule of studies for those few additional marks in the tenth standard examination next year.

Let me not hide a reality that the youngster in this family is truly precocious. He does not go to ANY tuition class, but always scores high marks. He is interested in many extra-curricular projects and does those with elan. To such a child, his mother felt, no punishing schedule of studies was necessary. There were some discussions at home all right. Some elders in the extended family, too, contributed to the thinking. And finally, the family agreed to let the child have a little free time during which he could be expected to ride bicycle, watch TV, talk or play with friends, read ‘other’ books, relax and then choose his own study schedule and follow it religiously.

That there still are such families among us, is a happy thing to know. This is a special feeling. For, when every youngster in ninth or tenth standard is made to follow inhuman schedule of studies day in and day out, when he or she is expected to do nothing else, there are people who wish to give their youngsters enough freedom to stay relaxed.

This may not be the only family with such an approach. There could be more. But it must be admitted that such instances one does not come across every now and then. Rare are such families -- at least in today’s atmosphere when everybody talks only of one or two careers, and expects the youngsters to rise to that level even though the kid is not good enough for that achievement. In the process, most families do not understand that they are putting an inhuman pressure on their kids to perform, beyond their levels.

In this particular case described above, the kid is truly a cut above the rest and is capable of handling studies in a relaxed manner. Thanks to the atmosphere in the family
since he was born, the little one has had a great time in school. He is darling of everybody and takes everything in his stride. Thanks to familial support, he has evolved into a fine boy with a sense of balance and proportion. Thankfully, the family also respects this aspect of his personality, which makes a person like me extremely happy.