Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Jun 2018 11:24:37


Self-motivation is nothing different from staying motivated due to one’s own interest. One should be a self-motivated person, as self-motivation is the key to live a successful, satisfying and sound life. It plays a vital role in one’s own life, as it enables one to make self-assessment as often as one can. The process of self-assessment discloses one’s strengths and weakness by which one can strengthen more one’s strengths and start to strive for overcoming weakness and achieve success for sure because of a positive mindset.

Self-motivation is to understand what motivates us to do things. This may sound straightforward but sometimes our motivation is hidden from our consciousness - our own personal hidden agenda. Our motivation may well change from hour-to-hour, day-to-day and through life.

As this takes place our needs, wants and goals change and evolve. One of the main reasons why self-motivation is important in our life is that it does not let us depend on others and we can achieve success in our own goals and objectives that we set on the basis of our abilities, while it aids us to eradicate our weaknesses that hinder our success. In this way, each and every objective we establish for ourselves, thinking that it would be of great value and advantage to our life, will be fulfilled on the basis of our own acquired and improved skills.

We have to keep faith on what we do and we should be the one who believes that the results of each of the tasks done by us will always be the best. Nobody in this cruel world can ever motivate us. The spark comes from within. I firmly believe that this thing can be done only and only by us. ‘Self-motivation is the best motivation’ this line is quite popular among every age group. Motivational poems, quotes, songs, speeches, etc can motivate us a bit but the real motivation is that which comes from within. Our fears, negativities, etc reside in some corners within us only. They are hidden somewhere near our thoughts, action, soul, etc.

So this is quite logical to think that if the fears or the negativities which lead us towards pessimism can be defeated by gathering some positivity, optimism from our surroundings only.

A self-motivated person or a self-motivated learner learns many things in life. The journey of exploring new ideas and gaining new information, knowledge continues with him. Self-motivation is a good way to develop a proper mindset that allows one to be a sensible person who can pass his life satisfactorily and deal with various situations effectively and efficiently. Self-motivation examples are many that show us how highly self-motivated people have been able to change their lives and paved the ways for self-development. It is therefore very important to remain self-motivated to continue learning things that are supposed to be learnt.

Being self-motivated not only helps us aiming at our goals and objectives but also leads us to attain them successfully. We should always keep a positive attitude. There is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. We cannot choose or control our circumstances, but can choose our attitude towards our circumstances!










Kshitij Bawane
3rd year B.A.M.S,
Government Ayurved College.