Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Jun 2018 12:22:54









 THAT the highly professional and specialised security force National Security Guard (NSG) is going to introduce more rigorous psychological test at entry level for those who are desirous of joining the ‘Black Cat’ commando outfit, shows the force’s constant endeavour to upgrade its efficiency to world standards. The Black Cat commandos of the NSG had shown their prowess in the operation to flush out Pakistani terrorists during the attack on Mumbai in 2008 and also as recently as the Pathankot airbase terror attack in 2016. Their courage in taking such tough missions is exemplary which comes from highly professional physical and mental training from specialised psychologists as well as security experts. The new psychological test before the Commando Conversion Course (CCC) is meant to toughen the aspiring commandos to face adverse conditions, especially while dealing with highly trained and armed terrorists. Such operations require swiftness of action and courage. And this is achieved through rigorous physical and psychological training.


ON SUNDAY the Arab state of Saudi Arabia took a small but significant step toward social liberalisation by overturning ban on women drivers. As the Saudi women took control of the wheel, a new era of emancipation began in the Arab world that invites severe dislike from the world for its mistreatment of women. The lifting of ban is another pointer towards crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitions of a social revolution to change the global outlook towards Saudi Arabia. The atmosphere of fear and Sharia punishments in Saudi Arabia have often received derision even from fellow Arab countries. The crown prince, open to usher in new ideas and a broad-minded society, has recognised the need to change the country’s image. Allowing women to drive is a bold move by the Saudi leader and deals a big blow to the conservative clerics, who had warned that it will lead to immorality and even lack of virgins. Islamic piety can never advocate suppression of women. By giving women the driver’s seat, a brutish tone has been boldly silenced.