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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Jun 2018 10:43:09



It’s Varun’s birthday today. He was unable to sleep the previous night due to continuous phone calls and texts that were but obvious to attend. After a sinful sleep, he finally got up and was missing Karan, his best friend who called up sharp at midnight and was the first one to wish him. He unblocked his cell and viewed all the Facebook, WhatsApp and Insta notifications and as usual they were hundreds of them to be viewed, liked and replied.

Seeing himself in other’s status, DP (Display Picture), posts, tags, comments he was on cloud nine. He had a feeling of a celebrity. And that’s what he felt and each and every one of us feel on our birthdays specially teenagers. Just after an hour, he found Karan, currently working at Bangalore, standing next to the doorstep in Delhi with his favorite fruit cake and a gift in his hand.

Varun was not only surprised but also felt cherished. He hugged him and they had their cake-cutting ceremony along with free fruit cream facial. Then they took some selfies..., a compulsory ritual for all the happening events and celebrations. After all this, Karan went back to Bangalore and Varun, back to square one. After a long time surfing, he found that being his best friend, there was no status, no post, no DP and no video upload by Karan. Suddenly, noticing this, he felt disappointed and all the efforts of his best friend were gone in vain. 

Is wishing someone on-line or in social websites is really that important? One can’t find oneself as “truly wished” if a particular one does not wishes one on social media.
And here you will find the quote -- A friend in need is a friend indeed -- changing to the new one for this new ‘Techno addict’ generation that is ‘A friend active on Insta, Orkut, Twitter, Facebook is a friend you will look to hook to. One must find this quote difficult to believe but the truth is bitter.

This is mainly the case with the person with ‘Attention-seeking personality.’ Nowadays, people are more into the social media due to its easy accessibility and one’s dependency on the Internet through one’s better half ‘cell phone’ rather than personally organising meetings and planning events face-to-face. Also, hanging and chilling. Being social bird is a trending addiction. Acceptance of a particular on a on-line social group is a big concern nowadays and if ignored, may lead to some psychological problems like feeling of loneliness, anxiety, anger, low motivational level leading to depression.

Thus giving a thought and taking positive steps curing this addiction is equally important!
Apart from changing lifestyle and preferring healthy habits there are few ways which will help you to improve and maintain your social life for a better living. So here is a bouquet of some ‘Techno flowers’ to gift to one’s friend on special events.

1- Having good collection of pictures and videos:-
If someone will check your phone, they will find the thing in bulk is your selfies! This is where we are lagging behind! If you know yourself well then you will never have your own selfies in max. This not only reduces your phone’s memory but also your surrounding! For wishing a person or for making him feel special, you should have a good collection of photos and videos of your friends and family members. The collection can be used to make them realise how much you personally care for them. But remember one thing not all photos are good to post! Decency and Candid are one of the best options to choose if a person is simplicity lover. It will give a pleasing effect to the viewer with no ‘show of’ factor.

2- Access to the upgraded camera supporting apps:-
Yes, according to the trend of Youcam perfect, B16, snap chat filters there are more creative effects created day-by-day for a change of taste and popularity that will provide you thousands of varieties to go for even if one of them which is in your mind fails, you can instantly go for the other. So for that reason you must have the upgraded and latest apps supporting your phone camera for better and unique effects and filters to impress any one with a cherry on the cake impact.

3- Switch to Meme and go live:-
Bingo! Insta and Snapchat give you the access to go live and wish your loved one even if you are at a different corner of the world. It you are fun-loving creatures you can also switch to the Meme. This is really a funny way to go for and make someone’s day by making one laugh and gifting pleasurable moments.

4- Status chat:-
New but very usual in WhatsApp, a popular way to express your feelings and thoughts without saying anyone personally or speaking over cell phones is to have status chat. This interesting way is effective in many ways and have multiple benefits like wishing someone, making them realise for what you want, teasing your friends for fun, show off factor, apologising towards your fault and the most tricky one which one from every two of us has done at least once in the lifetime. When you are angry with anyone due to some controversies and misunderstandings, you can keep the status for what you want to express going within you and oops! This may lead to ‘Cold War’ through the status or even sometimes solves the problem by bringing both of them closer. It’s totally up to us what our motive is. Thus this idea proves to be effective.

5- Upload your own creativity:-
This option is for the artistic and creative one and even if not, you must give it a try. Just like personalised gift gives a heart-touching effect to your partner, same way, ‘personalised uploads’ give similar effect with a touch of popularity and uniqueness. Expect several unexpected compliments too. You can go for any self-made song, video, sketches, paintings or even self-made GIF on special moment of that person whom you want to impress or make him or her feel special.

This technique really will delight the person. Even if it is not created by you, you can go for a teamwork or take help of the experts to rock, it does not make a huge difference.
Thus these are the few ‘techno flowers’ or tricks you can use to be socially accepted and balance your social life in better ways. It’s up to you which way you would use those to deal with the persons according to their personalities. It will surely make a difference in your relationship.














Aishwarya Verma
LAD College.