career that gives you satisfaction

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Jun 2018 12:27:09


There is an increasing feeling and acceptance today that life is more important than the stress that you take on a day to day basis. People in corporate culture have to put up with highly stressful b where they are forced to give up on life and quality time with their families. Slowly many are realising that such stress and the money that come with it are not worth at all. There are many from the corporate world who switch careers and take up simpler careers like teaching where the pay maybe less, but satisfaction would be immense. 

Such realisation has forced people to take up teaching as a career. It is not that teaching is an easy career to follow. Teaching is an important profession and is an increasingly popular career choice for people from all walks of life. Becoming a teacher is a significant commitment and there are a number of different pathways that are available to people wishing to commence a teaching career. These pathways enable individuals at different stages of their lives to build on their interests, qualifications, experience and knowledge.

Teaching is a unique profession because everyone has been in a school setting and seen teachers in action, even if just as a school student. But is teaching worth giving up your chance of a higher pay in corporate life? Here is what an ex-investment banker who took up teaching has to say, “As an investment banker I lived with continual stress and pressure to perform, often in fear of redundancy. Now I look forward to going into work each day – it is a far more supportive and rewarding environment where people matter more than money. I now have far more daily involvement with teachers and students and people generally, each day is different so it’s less predictable than investment banks and far more rewarding.”

We often hear about the challenges that teachers face, but there are also real treasures of teaching. After all, each day thousands of teachers go to school every day and despite the pressures, many enjoy their work. Says another corporate guy who looks up teaching as a new career, one of the main rewards is when there is a breakthrough in a child’s learning. What I love is that eureka moment when a child’s face lights up. They have seen the light, all have become clear and they are so proud of what they have achieved. Working with difficult pupils is often one of the major challenges that teachers face, but it can also be fulfilling. Says one teacher, turning disillusioned and bored students into kids that actually want to learn and continue to learn throughout their school years is one of one of the great things about teaching. It’s not only good for teachers, but it also has great benefits on a child’s self- esteem when you see the pride in the face of a disaffected student who suddenly realise that they can succeed after all. Others say that if you get the relationship right with children it helps to create a rewarding atmosphere of learning.

While the nine to five hours offer predictable, routine days, teaching is anything but can be one of the bonuses of teaching. Each day is different. You can teach the same lesson to different classes and get totally different responses says a teacher. Also by awaking a child’s curiosity about a subject, you can help them to develop independent learning skills as they go off to research topics on the Internet. Teachers play a key role in delivery of qualify education to students including planning, preparing and delivering effective teaching and learning programmes for every student in allocated classes and/or groups establishing and maintaining a supporting to the development and implementation of the school objectives and school planning assisting with the management and further development of school personnel, financial assets and facilities to ensure their optimum use. Each day teachers work with students of different ages and abilities , prepare lessons and teaching materials, assess student progress, liaise with non-teaching staff such as teacher aids and therapists, engage with parents and guidance, work with colleagues and in professional teams are involved in extra curricula activities, school excursions and performances and sporting events and continue their professional development.

If you are an aspiring teacher and still in college, you can apply for scholarships too, many foreign universities or grants to high achieving aspiring teachers. Opportunities are also offers for existing teachers who wish to further their teaching skills and experience. Just do a search you will find many possibilities. (Compiled by Madhukar Chute, Prof/ HOD, Vocational Deptt, Raosaheb Thaware Jr College, Nagpur)