Overthinking kills performance: Sfurti Sahare

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Jun 2018 11:19:25



Business Bureau

“ONE must always ask oneself, what did I do in the last one hour,” said Sfurti Sahare, celebrated author of the book -- ‘Think and win like Dhoni.’ The book created record and sold over 60,000 copies in its first year. She has won an ‘International Young Author Award’ for the same.Speaking at the programme ‘Face to Face’ organised by TiE Nagpur on Wednesday at Chitnavis Centre, she said that the very idea for a girl like her with a humble family background to reach and interact with an renowned circketer like M S Dhoni was itself difficult, but with determination and her mother’s strong support, she was able to accomplish the task.

“At times after a wait of 9 hours, I was able to interact for just 5 minutes with the former Indian captain M S Dhoni,” she said. Even after completing her book, she knocked the doors of 22 publishers but had to face disappointment as they rejected the concept of the book. “If one is confident about his work, the world will agree one day and finally the book was published. The publishers requested me to write a book with the similar title on Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli after the success of my book.”Elaborating about the book she said, “Convergence of tough situation into a win-win situation makes one champion in life. Overthinking about any situation or problems kills one’s performance and productivity.” She said that Dhoni always relaxed before the match, at times he also played video games to refresh himself. She suggested that one must be able to handle situations and pressure.

“Dhoni’s face never expresses his ideas. Control your emotions. One must keep cool and calm in every situation. Even one must not brother what others are thinking. Let them think, it’s their problem,” Sahare said. Having completed BE in Computer Science, the Nagpur girl suggested that one must divide big targets into small parts, calculate productivity of every hour and set small goals. For ladies, she suggested that they should do some job. “Even if you are not in need of money, you will be rightfully engaged and some productivity and creativity will come out and you will be away from the general gossip.” She was interviewed by Nidhi Bavashe. Milind Chittarwar, President of TiE Nagpur made the welcome remarks.