CITU delegation discusses grievances of SMS-III employees with M P Singh

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jun 2018 12:21:19



Staff Reporter 


THE long standing grievances of employees from Steel Melting Shop-III (SMS-III), BSP were discussed in details with M P Singh, General Manager, SMS-III, BSP by the delegation representing Hindustan Steel Employees Union (CITU). The trade union leaders pressed demands for immediate measures for early redressal of the grievances.
Rukham Singh Taram, Vice-president, Hindustan Steel Employees Union (CITU) informed that in the recent meeting with the employees from SMS-III of BSP, the Modex unit, they learnt that they were even lacking the proper facilities of drinkable water along with toilets at the workplace. It is the matter of serious concerns that over 500 employees are serving in the shop but they were deprived of basic amenities. He also informed that the employees also lacked the availability of adequate tools for ensuring maintenance along with the production with commissioning of the shop. The employees, engaged in undertaking maintenance services
are facing difficulties in the same context. The trade union also pressed demands for adequate training, permanent posting, converter gas monitors in required quantities along with other necessary facilities.

Rukham Singh Taram also informed that in the meeting, the General Manager, M P Singh told the trade union leaders that the measures were already initiated for ensuring all necessary facilities for employees. He would take up the matter with the authorities concerned for expediting the work progress in the same context. The trade union delegation was comprised of Rukha Singh Taram, Sanjay Swarnakar, Mahavir Prasad Mishra, Kunj Bihari Mishra, Hemant Jagam, P K Kharalkar and others.