Electricity at Rs 200 per month to registered labourers’ families

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jun 2018 10:54:08



This scheme would be started from July 1, 2018 and its bills would be payable from August 2018

Staff Reporter

Under the Chief Minister Jan Kalyan (Sambal) Scheme 2018, registered labourers’ families are being provided domestic power connections at the rate of Rs 200 per month only. This scheme would be started from July 1, 2018 and its bills would be payable from August 2018. Under this scheme, maximum billing consumption for running fans, TV, bulbs at home, would be 100 units. The labourers registered under the Chief Minister Jan Kalyan (Sambal) scheme 2018 will have to submit the filled applications in camp to be organised in the nearest office of distribution company.

Under this scheme, benefit of Saral Bijali scheme would be given on basis of self declared application. This benefit would be available till the registration in labourer department is level. If any eligible beneficiary, power consumer (who has the power connection) is member of family, and residing with the consumer, even then benefit of scheme would be given to him. If the beneficiary's residential power connection is registered as other consumers connection, and he wants to hand over it to any other eligible beneficiary, distribution company would provide complete information, guidance by completing formalities.

The Air Conditioners, Heaters using consumers and consumers with above 1000 Watt load would not be eligible for scheme. The places where meters are installed, meter reading would be done for billing and in view of Electricity Act 2003, section 55, meters would be installed on basis of availability of meters. In rural areas, Electricity Regulatory Commission determined category LV 1.2 sub category determine din tariff order 2018-19 for 500 Watt associated load un-metered consumers tariff rates based billing would be done. For above 500 Watt consumers billing as per the norms of electricity regulatory commission would be done. The meter reading of urban areas would be continued but billing would be done as per the current tariff rates of ERC. The distribution companies would not add any unit other than that of norms of ERC in the bill. Against the bill as per above said norms, Rs 200 per month or previous one year's average bill, whichever is lower would be realized from consumer. Whereas, as per section 65 of Electricity Regulatory Act 2003, state government would sustain the subsidy. In the Saral Bijali Scheme consumers, amount payable by consumer and subsidy given by state government would be clearly mentioned. The 'Vidhyut Shulk' at the relevant rate would be taken and Rs 200 only would be realized from consumers. No extra charge would be realised from consumer. Arrangement under the Soubhagya Yojana is applicable for new connections for which no security amount would be taken.