Food plazas of Bhopal, Habibganj stations under CCTV surveillance

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jun 2018 10:20:14



Railways has introduced the project to monitor food processing, handling and cleanliness through cameras at
16 selection stations across the country

By Ankita Garg

IN ORDER to monitor food processing and quality at stations and in running trains, Railways is bringing all refreshment rooms under camera surveillance. Food plaza and refreshment room at platform no 1 of Bhopal and Habibganj Railway Station will also be under CCTV surveillance to check cleanliness and food handling. Kitchens of food plaza and refreshment room are also being moderated with several technical tools. Railways has introduced the project to moderate kitchen and monitor food processing, handling and cleanliness through cameras at 16 selection stations across the country. Camera footage of kitchens will be directly monitored in IRCTC office and senior officials of Railways. If any issue is found then officials will issue warning to the contractor for the first time and if the mistake reoccurs then the contractor will be penalised the second time. IRCTC has given final nod to moderate kitchen with high-tech chimney, chapatti maker machine and cleaning tools.

West Central Railway (WCR) has already provided this facility at Kota Railway Station. By November end, refreshmentroom of Bhopal Railway Station will be modernised with hi-tech tools and better food handling. Deputy General Manager (catering) IRCTC Navin Arora said, “This facility has already been provided at Kota Railway Station to maintain hygiene in food preparation. Soon it will start at Bhopal station where CCTV cameras will be placed to check the footage.” He further informed that several complaints are being received from several Railway Stations for poor handling of food. In several incidents videos have gone viral on social media in which unhygienic and poor quality of food is being served to passengers. IRCTC has introduced new technology called ‘artificial intelligence module’ to monitor food production and handling at station kitchen through CCTVs. Delhi-based ‘Wobot’ system will be used to monitor the kitchens across the country. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has said in its report in 2017 that food served by Railways to the passengers is not fit for consumption. CAG has pointed out several loopholes in food handling and catering service. CAG had conducted a survey at several stations across the country and reported malpractice, unhygienic and poor quality of food being served to passengers. Even fruit juices, biscuits, flavoured milk etc being sold at railway stations were found unsuitable for human consumption. Water used for food was not pure and general railway water was being used for cooking food.