Railway tracks turn into grazing yard for stray cattle

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jun 2018 12:27:43



Staff Reporter


With the pre-monsoon shower in city the area near railway tracks are turning into grazing yard for the stray cattle. It could lead to major threat for railway if preventive actions are not initiated on time. It was observed that the area closed to platform number 1A and between platform number 5/6 the tracks are covered with green grass. It has become centre of attraction for the stray cattle. These cattle were grazing on the grass fearlessly. The coolies present near the track told that the cattle entered the track through gate which is used for entering platform number five/six and no one is assigned to chase them.

When the matter was brought to the notice of Divisional Railway Manager, Kaushal Kishore he assured that he will look into the matter and will surely make necessary arrangement to keep the stray cattle away from railway tracks in railway station premises on priority. Sources informed that cattle are major threat to railway as, if any cattle come under the power engine it may derail the engine. Therefore railway takes care to avoid such situations on top priorities.