Snake sighting on rise in residential areas

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jun 2018 10:16:53



By Tara Chettur

CHANGING weather resulted increase of snakes sighting in many colonies of the city. The areas which are prone to snake sighting includes BHEL, Arera Colony and Kolar. “On Thursday, about four snakes were rescued within city limits and on an average daily 10 to 12 snakes sighting calls are received”, says Snake catcher Mohammed Saleem.
Earlier, Mohammed Saleem used to release snakes in Ratapani Sanctuary and Budhni–Pachmarhi Forest area but now rescued snake are released at Van Vihar Snake Park only.
Snake catchers are having tough time with increase of complaints coming from many residential colonies. Dr Raj Kishore Kodwani acupressure therapist claims that there are points for bites but when it comes to snake bites it is always better to take immediate medical help. Many times even the sighting of venomous snakes like Saw-Scaled Viper, which is highly venomous, cause general public panic attacks. If they are already suffering from some serious ailments, this add to their problem which affects the treatment too. Kodwani is an amateur snake catcher says that sporadic rains have forced snakes to slither out of their holes, much to the horror of the residents.

Every year, between June and August snake and scorpion bites are at peak. Besides, awareness needs to be increased as whenever snakes are sighted, one should not panic. Instead of trying to kill the snake the best solution is to call emergency helpline number 100 by which snake catcher would reach the spot. Mohammed Saleem claims that more than snake bites, panic causes more stress which resulted in causalities. At present, water snakes sighting is witnessed but with increase in rains sighting of poisonous snakes will be increased.The chances of an individual to come in contact with natural habitat of snakes and vice versa increases as residential areas in and around the State capital is covered with greenery especially during starting of monsoon. In the country, there are about 21 species of snakes in the region out of which only four are venomous and out of the four Russell Viper and Indian Cobra are found in and around Bhopal. Majority of non-poisonous snakes also create stir among the commoners as they are not aware about the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. The only snake park located in Van Vihar National Park brings in as a platform to educate about the snakes.