1,100 people join RAPVM under membership drive

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jun 2018 10:48:50


Staff Reporter,

RASHTRIYA Arakchan Peedit Varg Morcha (RAPVM), under the auspices of Vipra Garjana Manch (VGM), started membership drive by giving membership to 1,100 new members. Earlier, the programme began with garlanding of the portrait of Maa Bhart, lightening traditional lamp was done by Pandit Amit Khampariya. The programme was presided over by Pandit Ram Milan Mishra, Vijay Mohan Palha, Sandeep Dubey, Arun Mishra. Deepak Pachouri, Pandit Dhananjay Vajpayee were special guests on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Pandit Amit Khampariya said that now there is no need to continue caste based reservation. The guests said that the reservation, based on economic background and so many peasants would not had committed suicide, its due to condition of peasants that peasants agitation has become a problem nowadays. Poverty is not concerned with caste or religion. Which is why, the reservation should be given on economic basis for every section of society, now reservation is required for peasants, labourer and education. There are many countries in east where development rather the reservation has been embraced. The condition in those countries is better. Whereas, we claim to be world Guru following our culture due to which we have topped in Dharma, Shashtra, Yoga and knowledge all four fields. We have assimilated any Varna in 16 ‘Sanskars’, then why this Varna system?

Calling anyone ‘Dalit’ or from Schedule Tribe, or Backward Class is violation of our Varna system. Besides, such things put question mark over our Varna System. Which is why in membership campaign, 1,100 members took membership. Prominent amongst them are Suneta Pandey, Suneta Jain, Mithilesh Tiwari, Jagriti Shukla,Veneta Malviya, Shweta Sharma, Vedant Sharma, Madan Jyotishi, Om Tiwari, Vidant Singh Rajput, Shikhar Yadav, Lucky, Kanchan, Amit Sent, Nrendra Ahirwar, HeetSHankar, Ramanuj Tiwari, Raghvendra Tiwari, Rajendra Shrivastava, Anil Golhani and others. Advocate Anand Jyotishi, Dhananjay Vajpayee proposed vote of thanks and said that objective of life should be serving society, serving suffering humanity.

Taking oath for patriotism, social service, serving the humanity peacefully, abolishing the caste based reservation by making the State and Central Government wake up from deep slumber, by persuading them to implement principle of one nation, one constitution, would be main objective of our organisation. About 1,100 people took membership of organisation.