If only we say ‘no’ to senseless chase of wrong careers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jun 2018 09:58:23







l The whole family was in a tizzy for four full years. That phase began the moment their son entered 9th Standard. The parents went into a high emotional gear and admitted the son in a tuition class that ran for at least four hours in addition to school times. They suspended the child’s play-time, and stopped taking him to various ceremonies such as weddings and other celebrations. The kid was supposed to study and do nothing else but study. At the end of first two years, the child got whatever marks in the 10th Standard but could not achieve the desired level of 90% The family hid its disappointment and pushed the boy to join another and more expensive tuition class as he entered the 11th Standard.

In junior college, there were no classes at all and the boy spent around ten hours at a private tuition class. Two years later, that is in February 2018, he took the 12th Standard examination. The family plunged into another disappointment when the results came. For, the boy had shown less than mediocre level of achievement. Now, the family’s hope is on a national level competitive entrance examination that may usher the boy into some IIT or IIM or a 

similar institution. ...

l In another family, the parents went through similar motions for four years, only to be disappointed by their child whose performance, too, was not up to the mark. But the parents in this family got over the bout of disappointment quickly and advised the child to seek admission in some alternative line in which there is a sensible scope to do well.

l Countless thousands of families go through this experience as their wards enter the 9th Standard. For four years, these families suffer lots of inconveniences physically but more so spiritually as each of those expect their child to enter an IIT or an IIM or a medical college or an engineering college.

How many actually do everybody knows -- less than 5% of the kids that go through all those rigours. And this has been happening for year after year after year ...

YET, the larger society has not learned the right lesson. Lakhs of families push their kids in their early teens into a taxing and exacting regimen without any thought to the respective children’s natural ability and inclination. Senseless lakhs of rupees are wasted even though many families do not have the financial facility. They beg and borrow and secure admission for their wards in some or the tuition classes in the hope of seeing their wards’ names up on the board at an IIT or an IIM or ....! The whole exercise is so stupid, so nonsensical. Yet, our society has refused to learn the right lessons. For, well over 95% of children later seek admission to courses that they never thought of and spend listless time in attending or bunking classes.

What a pity, this!
But all this can be avoided easily if families start thinking sensibly about their wards and their abilities and better possibilities of more attainable careers. There are countless other careers that are more easily available to all the kids in the country like India that is so full of opportunities. There are careers in teaching, in arts, in humanities, in other sciences like oceanography ...! And most interestingly, countless careers are also available in defence forces -- from soldiering to engineering to medicare to signalling to tailoring, to driving of vehicles of for varying purposes ...!

And when all such alternate careers are thought of, the four-year rigorous educational imprisonment into which we push our children will become completely avoidable.
But there is a big ‘if only’

factor that impedes sanity. If only our parents think more sensibly about their wards’ future, if only they do not push their wards into a rat race, if only they refuse to jump on the bandwagon that is going to take their wards to a wrong destination ....
If only ...!
If only ...!