RMNH organises tree identification programme

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jun 2018 11:07:37


Staff Reporter,

Regional Museum of Natural History, Bhopal, organised ‘Tree Identification’ programme early on on Saturday morning at campus of museum under Summer Nature Study Programme.
Dr Sudesh Waghmare, former Deputy Conservator of Forest, Forest Department, Madhya Pradesh Government informed participants about tips for identification of trees likes tree size, canopy, shape and type of leaves, bark, structure of flower, fruit etc importance of trees in ecosystem and their conservation.

During the programme, Champa, Subabool, Margosa, Ber, Karanj, Kala Shirish, Copper pod tree, Sheesham, Mahaneem, Kasondari, Jamun, Jatropa, Guava, Peepal, Banyan, Ficus Benzamina, Baheda, Kachnar, Drum stick tree, Paarijat (Harsingar), Mayurpankhi, White Shirish, Semal, Mahua, Bamboo, Arjun, Amla, Eucalyptus and Bakayan were identified.

Dr Sudesh Waghmare also explained about effect of plastic pollution on trees and plants that effects include leaf damage, slower growth, root damage and inability to photosynthesize properly. He made an appeal to participants for plantation and their conservation. During the programme, Scientist-B and Coordinator of the programme Manik Lal Gupta Gupta told that we should avoid synthetic plastic due to its harmful effects and should promote and the demand biodegradable plastic which is made up to starch desired from corn, potato, tapioca etc.