Shun Terrorism

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jun 2018 10:15:17











Pakistan should come clean on its course of action and show the seriousness in taming terrorism if it really wants to embark upon a constructive journey.”

The dialogue between India and Pakistan will be fruitful only when the intention is clear and there is honesty of purpose; it cannot take place under shady premises and wobbly promises

UNION Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj has ruled out dialogue with Pakistan saying, “terror and talks can never go together.” Swaraj said India had never said it was not ready for talks with Pakistan at the same time, “When there are people dying on the border, then the idea of talks does not sound good,” she added addressing a press conference on her Ministry’s achievements over the last four years.

She also said there had been no inconsistency in India’s stand on its relations with the country’s western neighbour. On a related note referring to Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan Order 2018, which aimed to incorporate the region as a fifth province, Swaraj said India had summoned Pakistan’s High Commissioner Syed Haider Shah Sunday and registered its strong protest over the move. India had stated that any action to alter the status of the region, which was under its “forcible and illegal occupation” had no legal basis. It goes without saying that Pakistan doesn’t deserve a chance to be a party to any cordial discussion on the geopolitical issues between the countries. The way it has conducted itself befits utter condemnation.

The incidents of shelling and terror intrusions have been systematically escalated over the last few months to raise tensions and disturb peace in the Kashmir region. Hundreds of innocent civilians have died or have been forced to leave their homes in the border areas due to constant Pak shelling. Despite repeated attempts by India to diffuse the acrimony and renew the ties of friendship, Pakistan has ditched and gone back on its promises. India has shown immense maturity and patience by not stoking the fire and thereby further aggravating the volatile situation.

She has waited and watched with the olive branch in hand in the hope that her goodwill gestures and friendly overtures will make Pakistan realise that war and violence lead to nothing and it is the strength of the relationship that pays off. Despite repeated attempts by Pakistan to break protocols, rescind treaties and violate ceasefires, India has held her sanity and given Pakistan ample chance to rethink and correct its ways.

War is the easiest thing to do, but it is restraint and patience, especially in the time of emotional bankruptcy and vulnerability, that are the signs of wisdom and maturity. Any civilised country in place of Pakistan would have appreciated such an approach and worked hard towards making the best of the truce offers of India through constructive dialogue and cooperation in other spheres for greater interests of humanity on both sides of the border.

But unfortunately, Pakistan has taken India’s friendly and amicable stance as the sign of weakness. In its shortsightedness, Pakistan has jeopardised its own future and the prospects of the whole region. On all counts, it is Pakistan which stands to gain by aligning with India. India has no economic and political interests that can be shaped in any major way by Pakistan.

India’s interest is only peace and the prosperity that peace can bring to the people. Pakistan’s interests lie in annexation, expansion, religious clampdowns, warmongering and repression of people’s freedom and aspirations. When guided by such regressive principles, Pakistan is bound to be antithetical to India’s progressive policies and the twain can never meet.

Pakistan is being used by China for its own interests but Pakistan is under the impression that China is helping it out to become a great nation. Pakistan’s anti-India rhetoric has become more voluble and acerbic after being bolstered by Chinese influence. But in the process, it has become more isolated and more a Chinese pawn than it could realise.

While China has got more manoeuvring space in the region by using Pakistan as its stepping stone, the US has already deserted Pakistan and much of the world has realised that Pakistan is beyond redemption. Several nations which at one time tended to buy Pakistan’s arguments and sided with its sentiments against India have understood the flawed guiding principles of its anti-India stance and realised their folly.

Pakistan’s minuscule economy has further shrunk and its internal tussle between the civil Government and a belligerent and bigot army continues to weaken its polity and social stability. The more India is developing and more the border areas and parts of Kashmir are getting facilitated and upgraded, the more heartburns Pakistan is getting, which is forcing it to try cheap ways to disrupt those growth stories.

Once there is rapid growth and economic prosperity, the Kashmir ruse of Pakistan to woo people’s opinions will weaken and this is something detrimental to the skewed interests of Pakistan’s army and its titular Government. They want to keep the Kashmir issue burning and alive to polarise opinions and divide people.

If people unite and stay happy, Pakistan loses its relevance. It has to keep the region on the boil by any means. The Gilgit resolution is just such another way to further convolute the tenuous and nuanced relations. In such a state of affairs, it is futile for India to start any dialogue with it.

Dialogue is only going to be an eyewash as long as the basic philosophy doesn’t change. We have initiated dialogues with Pakistan again and again but every time we have been ditched.

The dialogue between India and Pakistan will be fruitful only when the intention is clear and there is honesty of purpose; it cannot take place under shady premises and wobbly promises. Pakistan should come clean on its course of action and show the seriousness in taming terrorism if it really wants to embark upon a constructive journey.

Its role in promoting terror havens in its land has been amply proved and squarely condemned by all major nations of the world, which has technically cornered Pakistan into a hole of despondency and underdevelopment.

By the way, Pakistan forgets that due to the shared cultural identity and political history of the two countries, it is only India if at all that can selflessly stand beside it and take it forward in its economic, scientific and democratic leap like a caring brother. In its manufactured hate against India for a lost and irrelevant cause, Pakistan is losing itself.