Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Jun 2018 12:08:55


New Delhi, June 28 (PTI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on Thursday, accused the Congress of questioning the commitment and courage of the Armed Forces and of lowering their morale, asserting that it is no longer a mainstream party but a fringe player. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad rejected the Congress’ allegation that the Narendra Modi Government was politicising the surgical strikes. He said, if the BJP wanted to draw political mileage, then a video purportedly showing the Army’s operation in Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK) would have been released during the polls in States like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat or Karnataka. Prasad said, the Army officers connected with the surgical strikes, which were carried out in 2016, have confirmed the video’s authenticity. Questions like why the video was released now and where it came from, are not relevant. He asked the Opposition party to answer if it considered the video real or not and approved of the surgical strikes or not.

New Delhi, June 28 (PTI): The Congress, on Thursday, accused the Modi Government of politicising the September 2016 surgical strikes after a video of the same was released, and said that the blood and sacrifice of the country’s brave soldiers could not be a political vote-gathering tool for it.

IT IS completely surprising as well as saddening that the Congress party has continued to find fault with everything the Government does. Now, it has accused the Modi Government of trying to extract political mileage out of the surgical strikes of 2016, as a video of the successful operation got released recently. When the strikes took place in 2016, the Congress party had doubted if the operations took place at all or not. And now when an authentic video came out, it is blaming the Government for politicising the strikes, demonstrating, thus, its dirty attempts to defame the BJP, though without substance.

The response of Union Minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad to the accusation of Congress spokesperson Mr. Randeep Surjewala is befitting and absolutely to the point. It was not surprising that Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad called the Congress party a fringe player and not a mainstream party. For, the Congress has been inviting such barbed comments due to its churlishness in the past four years. The Congress party’s policy of opposing the BJP for the sake of opposition is getting exposed every now and then.

It is unfortunate that the Congress party has lost its sense of proportion and history once it was thrown out of power four years ago. It has forgotten a universal fact that the ruler often gets the credit of a victory in a war, just as Mrs. Indira Gandhi did after India won the 1971 war that led to creation of Bangladesh. She also got the credit for ordering Pokharan-I. Likewise, Prime Minister Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, too, got the credit for the victory in the Kargil War as well as for Pokharan-II. Both the iconic Prime Ministers spoke highly of the contribution of the soldiers as well as of the scientists. Were they trying to extract a political mileage out of those events? Certainly not, since the events called for a rich approbation subsequently and the two leaders were offering that.

However, post 2016, nobody really remembers that Mr. Narendra Modi or the BJP ever tried to extract a political mileage out of the surgical strikes of 2016. Much to the contrary, it was Congress that doubted the veracity of the strikes, thus giving an opportunity to the ruling BJP to explain facts. If that meant trying to extract a political mileage, as the Congress accused, then obviously, the party is out of its mind. Yet, the Congress has continued making senseless accusations against Modi, inviting in the process sharp reactions from the BJP and the sensible common people who realise that it is really a fringe player today.

It is truly unfortunate that the Congress should stoop to such low levels in public discourse. That is why the party that ruled the country for ten years at a stretch just until four years ago, is now being treated as a fringe player with nothing to contribute to public policy as well as discourse. That is why it first doubted if the surgical strikes really took place or not, and was now accusing the Government of deriving a political mileage out of the strikes. Such contradictions, such churlishness, appear to be a habitual trait of the Congress party particularly under the leadership (?) of Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

The people in general have realised how low has the Congress party stooped in its pursuit of maligning the image of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and his Government. That is also why the people have rejected the Congress party almost everywhere in the country in the past four years. It is another story, however, that the Congress leadership does not realise what blunders it is making on a continuous basis.

But then, this was bound to happen, given the kind of leadership the Congress party has at this juncture. Both, the individual top leader, and the second-rung or third-rung of the leadership pyramid of the Congress party have proved in the past sometime that the organisation does not have any avowed and well-defined policy line on most issues. At best, its only policy seems to try to debunk whatever the Government does.

This is the reality when the Congress first accused that the surgical strikes did not take place at all in the first place, and now it is accusing the BJP of trying to extract a political mileage out of the operation. It is because of this reason that Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad asked if the Congress doubts the veracity of surgical strikes. True, as a ‘fringe player, the Congress may not have an appropriate answer to such a serious poser by an eminent leader of the BJP-led Government.