Kodapakha region villagers deprived of basic facilities

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jun 2018 11:44:09


Our Correspondent

It seems to be ironical that on one hand there is a talk of
Digital India, on the other villagers from Kodapakha region are forced to live in primitive age. Villagers are deprived of
basic amenities including power, drinking water, health, roads and education.Anganbadi centre at Panchayat headquarters Bangachar is in dilapidated condition. There is drinking water crisis also. Despite being Panchayat headquarters, there is no Panchayat building. Villagers alleged that the region was being ignored.The villagers from Kwachikatel, Bangachar, Newarkheda, Santrai, Kopakatel, Nirondadihi, Latmarka and several other villages under Kodapakha region are still deprived of transportation facilities.Villagers have demanded concrete road from Kodapakha to Newarkheda.

Villagers from Bangachar Panchayat area are waiting for road construction. In between Kodapakha and Bangachar, wooden culverts on two nullahshave been the source of transportation. At least, 15 years back, the villagers had prepared wooden culverts over nullahs for transportation during rainy season. Two riders, tractors, taxis pass through culverts.In between Bangachar and Kwachikatel, there is also a wooden culvert. In rainy season when wooden culverts are washed away, the region turns into an island. Villagers have to face a lot of problems while going to Durgukondal.Villagers Nandkumar, Roshan Netam, Sukaluram, Bhayamlal, Hiresing Kowachi and others narrated their plight, saying that there is dearth of road facilities.

In 2013 during Chief Minister’s visit to Durgukondal, villagers had demanded road from Kodapakha via Bangachar up to Newarkheda under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) but the road was not included in the core network of PMGSY, therefore, the road could not be constructed.Since the Kodapakha-Newarkheda road is not included in PMGSY core network, villagers have demanded to link the road with the Mukhya Mantri Sadak Yojana.Villagers will raise road demand prominently during Chief Minister’s visit on June 6 in wake of Vikas Yatra.