Pigs roaming freely on city roads posing threat to citizens

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jun 2018 11:03:51


Staff Reporter

The lethargy of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) in dealing strictly with pig rearers may prove dear to denizens as heard of pigs roam freely on city streets and create uncleanliness.As pigs are carrier of viruses they pose threat of dreadful diseases. Recently, the Government has issued advisory regarding Nipah virus. Swine also carry this virus and spread it further.Despite such danger, the health department of JMC taking no pains to check release of pigs in populated areas. A number of people still rear pigs in densely populated areas of the city and release their cattle in colonies and main roads. The swine gather near garbage dumps and scatter it on roads.

It may be noted that the health department had once conducted a drive and took action against people who rear pig and release swine to roam on city streets. The civic body had served notices to pig rearers, prepared challans and asked them to shift their cattle out of city limits.
After serving notices the health department took no pains to see whether it directions were followed on not? The department stopped the drive and took no action against pig rearers.It may be mentioned that the Municipal Corporation has already been asked to maintain proper cleanliness in the city. It was also directed to act against pig rearers who release swine on roads.

But the civic body is taking no interest in resuming drive and taking action against people who violate rules. Pig rearers are taking undue advantage of JMC's lethargy and keep on rearing pigs in populated areas and releasing them on roads.
It is the high time when the Municipal Corporation must take needed action and ensure
shifting of swine outside city