Traffic jams a, routine for citizens

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jun 2018 11:40:30


Staff Reporter

Traffic Jam has became a routine for the citizens. One of the main reasons of the problem is violation of traffic rules. People generally jump red signals, park vehicles along main roads and not follow traffic rules. Besides, unorganised construction work is also added to the problem. Construction material lie on roads hinder traffic movement and create traffic jam.Likewise, loading and unloading of commodities from vehicles at any hour of the day on main roads create traffic jam. People often stuck in jam for long duration as big vehicles carry freight park on main roads and loading, unloading work goes on for hours. People hardly get any space to pass the vehicles.

The Jabalpur Municipal Corporation and Traffic Police is responsible to organise traffic arrangment. But, both the authorities throw ball on others court. Traffic Police says that the problem could be resolved if the civic body removes temporary structures situated along main roads. While the JMC blame Traffic Police for not extending needed support in resolving the problem.Through both the authorities are trying to avoid traffic jam like situation in the city, but not getting desired success. Traffic jam mostly occurs on main roads as people park their vehicles along roads, in front of shops and reduce the width of the road.

Apart from that unruly auto rickshaws are also aggravating the problem. Auto drivers park their vehicles on road and creates traffic jam as well increases the probability of accidents too. Besides, barricades place by traffic Police on roads also creates traffic jam and also poses threat of accidents.The illegal act of extending shops to footpaths and placing commodities along roads is along on the biggest reasons for traffic jam. Shopkeepers deck commodities in front of their shops, which makes the road narrow, and hence people are unable to move properly. Though Traffic Police and Municipal Corporation are taking several steps to organise traffic but their efforts are falling short in resolving the problem.