A Tryst with Destiny

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jun 2018 11:06:56


Clouds of calumny surround me; 

a force drags me into abyss,
My chatty exterior disillusions me with temporary bliss,
I come across as intransigent, but
sometimes so gullible indeed;
My thoughts seem inscrutable, my mind impossible to read.
People’s derisive perception of my
character haunts me night and day
I curse my insipidity and wonder - “What are they gonna say!”

All the while forgetting my real identity, derelict with time;
But who still wants to flourish & whisk me out of this pantomime.
What myriad mysteries entangle my mind I know not,
Searching for my true self leaves me
hopelessly overwrought,
But the slightest whisper injects me with tremendous hope;
“It’s my inner self,” I realise,”Now I won’t bemoan & mope.”
My mind is in a perpetual battle with my heart,
Refraining it from this, cajoling it to do what not,
But my inner self will break open its cocoon that very day;
When my heart has its own way.
So veil it, conceal it, and camouflage it all you can,
But my identity is now potent, you can't put it under a ban,
You may suppress me, condemn me to suffer a lot;
And you may cripple my body, but my soul you cannot.











Kanak Gajbhiye
Class 11th, Science
Dr Ambedkar College, Deekshabhoomi