Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jun 2018 12:08:57



Poonam Menaria

Q1: What is the scope for Botany, currently doing B.Sc. with Botany? Is there any internship for Botany?

--Poorna Dear Poorna. It’s one of the basic science degrees that provide the base knowledge on which you have to strengthen your capabilities which are productive and rewarding for future growth. Agribusiness, Biotech Industries, Ayurveda etc all these firms would demand people with an understanding of plants but they would seek people with masters’ degree or research degree with specialization. You may now start focusing on pursuing good masters from a leading Institutes and then focus on rich experience in your domain of specializations. Best Wishes!!

Q2: Ma'am, I have given Class XII Board exam this summer. After lot of chaos I have decided to pursue entrepreneurship few days back. What will be the best graduation courses to do and also the finest institutes offering them? Please guide me regarding this area.

--Akshata A. Dear Akshata, happy to learn that you want to pursue entrepreneurship. There is a growing interest among youngsters for startups and entrepreneurship these days. There are Post graduate programs for entrepreneurship but no well-known programs at graduate level. The best nearest course would be a BBA program which could give you orientation of a management and business. You could also explore various short term training programs offered by many institutes where you could gain right skills as well as know how to start your own venture. Based on your capability as well as idea that you want to work upon, you may contact startup mentoring organizations or incubators later to support your entrepreneurship journey. The first step is to acquire skills, knowledge and practical aspects of running a business venture. All the best!

Q3: Hello Ma’am, I am a Class X student and want to take Commerce in 12th. I have interest in media, advertisement etc. course. So when to do the course after 12th? Please guide.

--Divyaansh Dear Divyaansh, You can pursue a media course after Class 12 or graduation. After Class 12, you can do a graduate degree in media, which is called the Bachelor of Mass Media or Media Management, which gives you a basic exposure to various aspects of the media i.e. journalism, advertising, market research and film-making etc that too it should be done from a leading Institute to have an edge. You can get an entry-level position as a trainee, with a BMM. The second option is to finish your Bachelor's and then a post graduate degree or diploma in video production, journalism, advertising and brand management; mass communication, market research/analytics, digital communication, media & entertainment and other specialisations etc can be chosen. There is a rigorous entrance test for the best PG programmes in the country and you can prepare well in advance for it during your under graduation. Choose wisely keeping all aspects clear with respect to your abilities, aspirations, interests