Constable accused of seeking bribe in Waraseoni

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jun 2018 10:12:23


Our Correspondent 


A vehicle owner penalised by the police accused the constable of demanding a sum of Rs 3,000 for release of documents of vehicles. Not only the constable demanded money but when denied bribe amount, he insulted the owner of the vehicle by allegedly hurling caste-based insults. The owner of a four-wheeler was stopped by the police team near Tihlibai Middle School on Balaghat road after the driver rammed into an electric pole after hitting a motorcyclist. Cops seized the four-wheeler.

The owner happened to be a residence of Nagpur, Mohamed Mehboob (30). After the vehicle was seized by the police, the owners filed an applikcation before Class One Magistrate Vipin SIngh Bhadauria. The order for release of vehicle was granted by the court on May 30. Armed with court order, the appellant reached the police station seeking release of vehicle from the Waraseoni police station. The appellant showed the court order to a constable, Diyewar who handed over the keys and asked him to take his vehicle from the police station. The appellant then sought information about documents of the vehicle which were also taken away by the police team. he then approached another constable, Baheshwar, who was assigned with the responsibility to investigate the accident.
The owner approached him asking him to return the documents. The constable allegedly asked for money. He demanded a sum of Rs 3000 for release of documents. The demand was resisted by the appellant who said that he had court orders and there is no need to pay money against the release of the documents. He also cited the excuse of banking strike for inability to give money as all ATMs in the city were exhausted.

The constable became angry and started abusing him. He refused to give the documents of the vehicle and also allegedly hurled baste-based insults. Later the appellant reached the police station along with an advocate on May 30 in the night but still possession of the vehicle was denied. he again visited the police station on May 31 but the police constable was insistent that money be given first to allow release of vehicle. The car owner then lodged complaint with SHO Mahendra SIngh Thakur and demanded action against the constable for seeking bribe and insulting him..

The dispute got further escalated when the appellant recorded a video of the incident while talking to his advocate about the rough conduct of the constable which went viral on social media. Soon after the video became viral, SDOP Marco reached the police station and sought information on the incident. Responding to the development, SHO Waraseoni assured that adequate investigations would be carried out in the incident. He however asserted that the court in its release order had stated that except the driving license, all other documents may be returned to the owner when he reached the police station along with his advocate. While the appellant did not ask for the driving license, he sought all other documents of the seized vehicle. Meanwhile a complaint has been lodged by the victim of police excess, and further action is awaited.