Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jun 2018 10:51:55


It is a quite famous phrase that does not need any explanation. But there’s a difference between hearing something and understanding a thing. Everyone has heard this phrase but only a few have really understood it.

It is human tendency that people get worried for things they want or they really need. But some people in the quest of their greed find inappropriate ways of reaching their goals. They may get what they want but they forget that wrong paths never lead to satisfaction and happiness. It is obviously not possible that human beings never hurt someone or never make a mistake because we are not perfect. We make mistakes. But a good human being is the one who learns from his/her mistakes and tries to rectify them.

We see many people who intentionally hurt others or do wrong and are not bothered. But it is not true. There is a record of every good and bad thing of each and every person and if someone’s doing wrong things then they’ll have to face problems for it. If someone helps people or even learns from his/her mistakes then they’ll be rewarded for the same. We should always remember that in a garden full of roses, we always praise the flowers, not the thorns. Never forget them as they also matter a lot. We should not be worried of the fruit we are going to get, we just need to do good deeds and we will automatically be benefited. There may be less number of good humans but kind hearted and good natured people do exist. We are always concerned about the result but we should be confident enough if we have really worked hard and worked honestly. What we sow, we shall reap the same.
The choice is always ours. Bad things may appear luxurious to us but they’ll never reap happiness and love.









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