Aanganbadi kids suffer even as Mnpl Council remains apatheitc

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jun 2018 11:18:44



Our Correspondent


Irregularities have come to fore in Municipal Council Shivpur Charcha in purchase of commodities for providing basic facilities to Aanganbadi children, howsoever it never reached them! This was revealed from an RTI application.
Earlier, Council officials were claiming that the materials have already reached the Aanganbadi centres but after revelation, the officials are passing the buck on each other. Meanwhile, RTI activist complained to district Collector and demanded action.

The Aanganbadi centre is just 5 kms away from district headquarters. If the situation persists like this close to district headquarters, what will be the scenario in remote areas, it could be easily assessed. Before this incident, several irregularities have already surfaced in the Municipal Council. But in absence of strict action, the irregularities are being committed again and again.
It is alleged that the Municipal Council officials are allegedly depriving the Aanganbadi kids of their facilities. It is to be mentioned that seven months ago Municipal Council purchased several items for Aanganbadi centres from Ward No. 15 Corporator’s fund (voucher serial no. 199) on December 8, 2017. The goods included one fridge (costing Rs 19,900), two almirahs of Amber company (Rs 48,200), fibre water cooler (18,200), three fans of Usha company (Rs 12,300).

Municipal Council has already made payments of these items and all these goods have been registered in the stock register. But even after elapse of seven months, these goods have not reached the Aanganbadi centres. The Aanganbadi kids bore the brunt of blistering heat but the corrupt administrative officials did not care a fig for them. Top Municipal officials including Council President, Chief Council Officer and Ward Corporator are well aware of the irregularities but keeping silence. Ward No. 15 Aanganbadi worker Beena Singh said that the Corporator had given only one almirah. The name of the company is not mentioned. Besides this, no goods have been received, said Beena Singh. Meanwhile, Gyanpunj, Chief Municipal Council Officer said that he had come to know that the goods have not reached the Aanganbadi centres. The Corporator has taken all the goods from Municipal Council. He said that he would issue a notice to the Corporator and find out why the goods not reached the Aanganbadi centres. After investigation, action would be taken, said Gyanpunj.