Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jun 2018 12:23:17










THE drowning of over 50 migrants in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Tunisia and Turkey, is the reflection of the continuing humanitarian crisis in the war-torn Middle East. Hundreds of thousands have been fleeing their countries to escape death, destruction, devastation, destitution brought on them by endless wars and seek peace, livelihood and shelter elsewhere. They have, mostly, been heading towards European countries, preferably Germany. But the advent of Angela Merkel as the German Chancellor has changed all that with she refusing to take migrants any more, obviously because of the socio-economic and demographic problems it created for her country. Other European nations too have lately shown reluctance to accommodate any more migrants for similar reasons. Consequently hordes of migrants, boarding ships beyond their carrying capacities, on many occasions get drowned, as did happen off the coast of Tunisia on Sunday or else end up dying of starvation, malnutrition, disease or live uncared for and in utter squalor.


RECENT statement by New Zealand’s coach Fritz Schmid made for a telling commentary on India’s football team. “India is somewhere between a sleeping giant and a rising competitor,” Schmid had said. Indian captain Sunil Chhetri’s career story is a reflection of what Indian football is in world arena. Chhetri has remained a loyal torch-bearer for India on the international circuit. His career and Indian football’s graph bear so many similarities. Ups and downs, shocks and surprises, promise and pitfalls... it is a roller-coaster ride. Amid all this, as India continues to harbour a big dream, Chhetri has earned himself a place among the greats by playing his 100th international game. The 33-year-old celebrated this landmark occasion with a brace that catapulted him to the third place after Ronaldo and Messi in terms of number of international goals. The support he got was overwhelming but that also raises a question. Is the fan support restricted only to marquee games? Chhetri and India deserve much more love and support to emerge as a rising competitor.