Thousands of Vidarbha kids opt for Mumbai, Pune colleges

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jun 2018 10:51:52


By Vijay Phanshikar,


She is a sincere and brilliant Nagpur student who got reasonable marks in the 12 standard State Board examination this year. While she studied in a reputed junior college, she often complained that the college did not run classes properly. She also complained that her teachers did not speak correct English and did not worry about correct spellings. After having studied in a very reputed school where scholastic attention was of a high order, the girl found the academic atmosphere in the junior college just awful. So, as she prepared for her 12th Standard examination, this girl kept nudging her parents to send her to a college preferably in Mumbai or Pune or Hyderabad.

“My college here does not teach even humanities well,” she would say. Now, her father is trying to find an admission for his daughter somewhere in Mumbai. The problem, however, is that the cut-off marks for admission in good Mumbai colleges is minimum 90%, which the girl hasn’t got. Yet, she is insisting upon going to a college outside Nagpur.

This girl is one of countless thousands of kids in Nagpur and Vidarbha insisting upon getting their higher education in any discipline either in Mumbai or in Pune or in Hyderabad or anywhere else. For, as most of them insist, the quality of college education in Nagpur or Vidarbha does not have high standard and does not match with that in bigger centers.

Each year, thousands of such kids from Nagpur and Vidarbha seek admissions to institutions in bigger cities where the quality of education is better and more professional. All of them offer a sad commentary on the state of Vidarbha’s higher education in any faculty, but more so in humanities and similar streams. All of them share a similar experience -- of terribly negligent attitude towards teaching in junior colleges -- in Nagpur and Vidarbha’s other cities.

Even a casual check on reputed institutions in the city proves the children’s charge to be right. For, in most junior colleges, the quality of teaching is low, and many even do not bother to hold classes on a regular basis. Until the junior college level, the kids have no alternative, and so somehow manage to pass time until they pass their 12th Standard examination. But the moment that stage is over, thousands of Vidarbha’s kids make a beeline out of the region to seek greener pastures in Mumbai, Pune or Hyderabad or some other cities where they find better quality of teaching-learning process.

This is a serious reality and heads of most colleges would not admit it. Yet, privately, many teachers of senior colleges agree that the kids are not wrong. That ‘the kids are not wrong’ is only a euphemism. In reality, they want to confess that the kids are ‘bloody right’, as a former principal of a reputed college agreed. He also agreed that the quality of teaching in junior college, in his own institution, is of a substandard variety.

It is impossible to believe that the authorities of universities in Vidarbha, that is the Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University, and Gondwana University at Chandrapur, are not aware of this growing trend of Vidarbha’s kids making a beeline out of the region every year in shockingly high numbers. Casual conversation with many university officials does reveal that they are aware of the trend, but do not seem willing to do something to alter the situation.

Of course, things are certainly not easy for Vidarbha kids in other places. For, as mentioned earlier, the cut-off marks in most institutions in Mumbai, for example, are well above the average high in Vidarbha. For example, a child with about 80% marks in 12th Standard is not likely to get admission in a reputed Mumbai college where the cut-off mark is well over 90% usually.

So, even in Mumbai or Pune or Hyderabad or any other place with similar conditions, Vidarbha kids seek admissions in second-rate institutions, and work hard to make sense out of their educational careers.

Experience tells that even those kids prove better than their counterparts back in Vidarbha’s best colleges in subsequent years. For, factually, the overall standard of education in colleges in Mumbai or Pune, for example, is much higher than the best in Vidarbha.
Outwardly, some smart alecs might try to paint this as a symbolism of social mobility. This cladding, of course, is not truthful. Factually, the trend is a commentary of state of Vidarbha’s higher education.