‘Slight change in routine lifestyle can yield good results’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Jun 2018 12:50:47


Business Bureau

A live interaction session on ‘Slight Change Major Gain’ was organised by Chamber of Small Industry Association (COSIA), Vidarbha Chapter. Mukund Mohta who is a renowned management expert and Managing Director of Kapilansh Dhatu Pvt Ltd., a well-known casting industry of region, shared his knowledge and enriched with his industrial experience with the participants in the programme. He said, “If slight changes like meditation, morning exercise time discipline, accountability, systematic working, good thoughts, reviewing systems are adopted in our routine, it yields tremendous results in our overall performance.”

He said, there are certain unwanted things like unplanned work, haphazard working without preparing check list, noting and proper filing and numbering, not exchanging views, and delegating responsibility without authority, negative approach towards the work, and absence of periodical review habit leads to failure in work performance which results in unnecessary stretch and losing temper. The session was supported by live examples and leadership games and ultimately followed by question and answer session. Earlier, Mayank Shukla, Chairman of COSIA, Vidarbha Chapter in his opening remarks gave a brief resume of COSIA and its role in overall development of SME sector at state and national level. Vidarbha Chapter of COSIA although newly formed has a clear vision to work for the betterment of SME sector in the region. The Chapter not only believes in raising industrial issues but also believes in enriching the knowledge of SME industries, related to management techniques and various Government incentive schemes offered to SME sector, to improve their performance and make them competitive with the other players in the market.

The programme was highly appreciated by the participants and they expressed that such programmes should be continously organised by COSIA, Vidarbha Chapter. The programme was well attended by the representatives of affiliated associations like SAARATHI, Electronics Association and Nagpur Auto and Engineering Cluster, Vidarbha Plastic Industries Association, Federation of Industries Associations of Vidarbha, Indian Institute of Foundry Vidarbha Chapter, R G Paranjpe of IIF and Chander Khosla of FIAV. Mukund Mohta was introduced by S M Patwardhan and memento was presented by Chander Khosla. Shekhar Bendre took extra efforts to make the programme a grand success. TJSB Sahakari Multi Scheduled Bank sponsored the business event.
COSIA, Vidarbha Chapter plans to organise suchprogrammes once a month on regular basis.