‘Idea of Bharat is based on diversity’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jun 2018 08:46:17


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ADVOCATING unity in the country to make it Vishwa Guru (World Leader), Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, Sarsanghachalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) called upon the society to work selflessly towards nation building by rising above their differences. “Diversity has its roots in one common value. No community, Government, ideology, or individual shapes destiny of a nation. It is shaped by society that works selflessly for nation building, rising above petty differences,” he said.

Dr. Bhagwat was addressing Swayamsevaks at the Tritiya Shiksha Varga at Reshimbag in the presence of former President of India, Dr Pranab Mukherjee. “When society at large participates in nation building, only then can Governments deliver in this direction. Government can do a lot of things but cannot do every thing,” he added.

“Sangh attempts to cultivate people who lead by example in every nook and corner of the country. No matter what the ideology is, no matter what the religion or language is, RSS believes in those who work for the society,” Dr. Bhagwat said and added, “We have lot of great leaders but we want swayamsevaks to build the nation.”

Dr. Bhagwat said RSS wants to unify the entire society and no one was an outsider for it. “An Indian is not an outsider for another India. We want to unite the whole society. No one is an outsider for Sangh.

“The idea of ‘Bharat’ is based on unity in diversity. Our culture has been built by all great ancestors, we respect them, and try to follow their preachings. We have a history of tolerance and accommodation,” he added.
Terming the controversy over inviting Pranab Mukherjee for Sangh event as meaningless, the RSS Chief said, “RSS does not belong to any particular community. We believe in one nation theory. Every son of the soil is working for the protection and safety of the country.”

Mentioning the legacy of the RSS, Dr. Bhagwat stated that Dr. Hedgewar participated in freedom struggle as member of Congress party in the year 1911. He was in prison for some days during freedom movement. He was a great reformer and tried to unite patriotic youths for the country. He had established RSS in the year 1925 to make country as big nation.

Dr. Bhagwat said, “During last several years, Sangh has spread all over the country, but our journey can not stop here. We have to work more to create patriotism in all the people of the country.” The RSS chief reiterated the need of people of different backgrounds coming together for common cause of the nation.

“RSS wants to bring together good people having common goal irrespective of diverse backgrounds. Honest people are firm on right things, no differences are harboured, and a consensus is built. We do not oppose anyone, we want to stick to our path, and unite all,” he stated.

He said the Sangh’s idea is to create social leaders who would set a good example. “RSS wants to create leaders who will motivate people to work with a common agenda of nation-building, and place nation above all. “We all have common lineage since 40,000 years. All are influenced by ‘Bharatiya Sanskruti’. RSS unites all. It does not want to create an organisation within society, but to organise society as a whole,” Dr. Bhagwat further said.
Ram Harkare, Vidarbha Prant Sanghachalak, Gajendra Singh Sandhu, Sarvadhikari, and Rajesh Loya, Mahanagar Sanghchalak were present on the dais.