Child Help Desk started at Dhobhi Ghat slum area to redress cases of child abuse

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jun 2018 11:36:42


Staff Reporter

In order to understand children’s issues and problems. a community child help desk has been started. This is an Initiative of AARAMBH Organization to curb cases of Child Abuse. The objective of the Child Help Desk is to provide information in the cases of child abuse and to link the victim to Child Line service or the police or others as per need. The unique feature about the community desk is that this is being run by young children itself. The best part of this desk is it is run by community’s adolescent girls and boys and youth only who have been trained by the organization. They are familiar with child lines, local police station, State Child Rights Protection Commission, child welfare committee, juvenile justice board etc. In the past, they have also helped in filing FIRs in the cases of child abuse. Many child marriages have also stopped by these adolescent girls and boys and youth.

The local police station Bajariya Police Station has also been informed about this child support desk so that the police can help this desk if needed. The very first Desk has been set up at Roshan Bagh Dhobi Ghat slum which falls under Ward 36 and five more desks are yet to be set up in most vulnerable communities falling under the same Ward. The effect of the desk is that on being operated at the community level, it is proving to be very effective in preventing child sexual abuse. Reporting of the case will increase and in such a situation, there will be confidence in children and common people and they will come forward for reporting the case. Exploitation of children in Bhopal city is constantly increasing. Essential steps are being taken in order to curb this exploitation by the Organization which also runs Bhopal Child Line Service 1098. There is also proposal to start more such desk in other wards . It is being observed that is that many crimes against children do not reach the police or their reporting is not done. There are many reasons behind this and the lack of information and the fear of the culprit are the reasons these cases go unreported. At the community level, there is no such system, with the help of which the victim can get the necessary information. Although the police station is accessible to all persons, it is also true that victims do not go to the police station for many reasons. Keeping this in mind, community-based child support desks are being set up in the communities of Ward 36 by AARAMBH Organization.