Necessity of effective speech highligted during workshop by JCI Durg-Bhilai

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jun 2018 10:54:17


Staff Reporter


JCI Durg-Bhilai President JC Pranay Maheshwari and Chairperson Rakhi Maheshwari jointly told under regular programme “Empowering Youth” JCI Durg-Bhilai under joint aegis of Bharatiya Jain Sanghatna organised a workshop on art of effective speech making at Jain Bhavan in Bagbahara. 135 girl students up to 21 years of age were divided into four different classes and assigned 1 pilot trainer and 2 co-pilot trainers to each class. The workshop was divided in 3 sessions. In first session necessity of effective speech making art and its necessity and daily life was highlighted. All participants gave introduction.

Trainers explained by examples, interesting audio-video clip stage fear, why it happens and how to get rid it. A task was given for next session on which participants had to present their speech.In second session participants presented their speech on the basis of the task given. Necessary information was given that for effective speech first know your audience, body gestures and voice modulation. Again a task was given for last session for presenting speech. In last session all participants presented three minute speech based on the task assigned. All students performed their task efficiently the trainer reviewed every speech and encouraged for quality of speech and gave suggestions to remove shortcomings. Four main trainers were Anil Neeti Ballewar, Vikas Mamta Bafna, Yogesh Sonali Agrawal and Jayesh Komal (Raipur). Six co-trainers were Rajesh Manju Jaiswal, Aditya Rathi, Arushi Rajnesh Jaiswal, Sunil Ekta Agrawal, Ramdev Taori and Pankaj Varsha, Agrawal. Past President Rajesh Richa Sankhla, Durg Division President of Bharati Jain Sanghatana, organised the programme efficiently. He able assisted by Vikas Mamta Bafna. Durg Division Secretary in last session every students presented good speech.