Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jun 2018 12:06:28










THE Union Cabinet has taken a welcome decision to expedite the closure of sick and loss making Central public sector units (PSUs). Under new guidelines, the land likely to be freed would be put to use for affordable housing. More importantly the closure would mean the lessening of financial burden on the State Exchequer. These unproductive units have been draining tax-payers’ money for decades. Beyond paying the salaries of the employees these units served no useful purpose. Their immediate closure, in fact, would serve greater purpose. Of course it will have some social cost by way of loss of employment for the employees but that is unavoidable in the given circumstances. Besides, lately it is acknowledged that the Government has no business to be in business. PSUs were started in early days of India’s Independence as the private sector was still in a fledgling stage and did not have adequate financial risk-taking muscle. All that has no relevance in modern India. It is, therefore, best to disband loss making PSUs, by States and Centre.


JUST when Novak Djokovic was doing enough to quell doubts about his return to top form he was accounted by Italian journeyman Marco Cecchinato in a shock defeat that has brought the Serbian at a critical point in his career. Still coming to terms with the French Open exit, Djokovic is now threatening to skip Wimbledon, where he is a three-time champion. This threat reflects the state of his mind. Psychologically, the 31-year-old is certainly not in the right place. Elbow injury and subsequent time off from tennis have had its toll on Djokovic. The point from which he lost to the unknown Italian was Djokovic’s real test. A strong-willed champion would have given his soul to wrest that do-or-die moment, not a self-doubter with a fragile frame of mind. Unfortunately, Djokovic has less physical problems and more of a mental block. This differentiates players of his ilk from Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, two proven customers who have defied age and ageing muscles. A few years ago Djokovic was counted among these greats. Not now. Till he wins the mental battle, at least.