CRCVA for testing of Railways’ ‘Neer’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jun 2018 13:49:11

Staff Reporter,


As the complaints about Railway’s ‘Neer’ packaged water bottle are growing, Chhattisgarh Railways Commission Vendors’ Association (CRCVA) Raipur has demanded thorough testing of water before supplying. In a press conference on Friday, Association President Hrishi Kumar Uike stated nowadays, they are getting a lot of complaints regarding packaged drinking water.

Recently, one such incident happened when a passenger discovered particles in the packaged ‘Neer’ water bottle purchased from a Tea Stall on Jun 6, 2018. The passenger scolded the railway vendor while returning the water bottle. Two more such incidents were exposed in the recent past owing to alertness of the vendors. Complaints were made to officials, who just brushed them under the carpet.

And once again a passenger spotted particles in a ‘Neer’ bottle, but on this occasion the vendors sent the contaminated bottle to State Government’s laboratory rather than the Railway Officials. The bottle in question was found sub-standard, unsuitable for human drinking in the test. However, the Railway officials put the report in shelf to avoid public embarrassment and negative publicity. Earlier, they had four different brands of packaged drinking water, so passenger had options to choose, but now they are only left to pick the sub-standard ‘Neer’ at their own perils, Uike added.