Kamal Nath censures attack on cavalcade of Hardik Patel

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jun 2018 12:41:17


Staff Reporter,

State Congress President Kamal Nath censured the attack on cavalcade of Patel community leader Hardik Patel in Jabalpur and said that after Rahul Gandhi’s rally in Mandsaur, BJP government is trying to suppress voice of people. “Hardik Patel is a good leader and many people from all sections of society are in his support as they construe him as their representative. In such situation, it is height of frustration not to give permission of rally to him and getting attacked him with eggs,” said Kamal Nath.

He said two youths throw eggs on the vehicle of Hardik Patel when he was passing through the road of Panagar and they also followed his vehicle till Panagar. When police knew about proposed rally of Hardik Patel then why not police personnel were not deployed en route of Patel. He tried to point out towards some serious conspiracy against Hardik Patel. “It looks that BJP’s countdown has begun and hence it has stooped down to lower level tactics,” he asserted. He said that incident is censurable and he demands that CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan should apologise with people of state for the incident.