Monsoon at MP’s doorsteps, several drains still clogged

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jun 2018 12:44:30


Staff Reporter,

Pre-monsoon activities have started and monsoon is flexing its muscles to hit Madhya Pradesh. But there are many parts of State capital where Bhopal Municipal Corporation seems to be lagging behind in doing pre-monsoon preparations. Drains and nullahs of several parts of city are yet to be cleaned for proper flow of rain water. This is not only causing problem to denizens but also a harbinger that if problem is not sorted out shortly then coming monsoon may pose trouble to people living around drains and nullahs. Even intense rain of a few minutes may flood the shallow drains which would finally bring havoc in low lying areas.

When one visits various areas of the city, he or she is appalled to see that drains are yet o be cleaned and they are dotting heaps of garbage and trashed out material. Talking to ‘The Hitavada’ Leader of Opposition of Bhopal Municipal Corporation, Mohammad Sagheer told that no preparation has been done in connection with monsoon. Now, monsoon has reached on door steps and it is a disappointing thing that even drains have been not cleaned in large parts of city. “If it rains heavily even for a while then drains will start overflowing and low lying areas will get inundated,” he told.

Taking on Mayor Alok Sharma, he told that Mayor remained focused only on Clean Bhopal campaign and boasted pride when Bhopal surged to number 2 in cleanliness in the country. But he had not paid any attention on cleaning Bhopal. “If drains are not clean then how one could boast pride of Clean Bhopal,” he rued. “I will raise the issue of unclean nullahs and drains and there hidden perils during the upcoming Bhopal Municipal Corporation Council meeting slated to be held on June 11,” he claimed. The memories of flood are still afresh in the minds of people when Bhopal faced flood twice in last ten years. Bhopal’s demography is uneven, hence the low lying areas are always prone for water logging and inundation like situation.