Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jun 2018 11:16:32

UNION Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh is justifiably concerned over the future of the Kashmiri youths. But it is also the concern of the entire nation that secessionist and terrorist forces are misleading and waylaying gullible youths of the State towards the path of violence and destruction. These young people are unaware that by falling into the trap of the anti-national forces they were destroying their own future and that of their own State.

At this stage of their lives they should be pursuing their education, furthering their careers by joining the national mainstream and bring order into their lives that have been shattered by decades of violence and destruction. Generations of Kashmiri youths have thus been ruined, leading to many of the young people either getting killed along with terrorists, acting at the behest of foreign forces, or spending much of their lives in the dark confines of jails. Mr. Rajnath Singh’s appeal to the Kashmiri youth to join the mission of reconstruction of their lives and development of their State is, therefore, very apt and timely. 



A  HEALTHY society is one of the core issues a Government must focus on above everything else. Picking it as an important element in providing a stable governance, the Narendra Modi-led Government has made it a matter of moral duty to provide affordable healthcare to all. All the health schemes floated under the ‘Pradhan Mantri’ banner are testimony to the Centre’s concern towards a healthy society. However, facilites and hospitals alone would not suffice for success of these schemes.

Access to medicines remains a matter of huge concern for the poor, something that the Government, too, is worried about. Mr. Modi has reiterated his commitment for affordable medicines and diagnostic facilites but a vast expanse of rural areas still remains untouched by proper medical care. The Government needs to plug this gaping hole by working in a mission mode. Providing generic medicines through Jan Aushadhi Kendras is a viable alternative to cut down healthcare cost but only if the Government is able to bridge the huge gap between demand and supply.