Tigress with 2 cubs sighted in Mendora; patrolling staff on strike

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jun 2018 13:33:35

Staff Reporter,

Sighting of tigress T-123 along with two cubs at Mendora jungles kept forest officials on toes as patrolling staff is on strike. Regular patrolling in the area is almost stopped due to which officials are worried about the safety of tigress and cubs. MP Forest Employees Association is on strike for past two weeks due to which patrolling in several areas is stopped. The news of strike has gone viral everywhere and poachers are active in forest areas. Sources said poachers are active in Samardha range of forest where peacocks are available in large number.

Recently, a peacock was found dead in the area and locals said peacock poaching is very common here. MP Forest Employees Association is continuing their strike for past two weeks which raised serious concern among officials. Forest Department is looking for ways to protect the flora and fauna of jungles in absence of the guards. None of the employees joined duty for past ten days to patrol the jungle areas or protect the forest property. Big cats are active in many non conserved areas but there is no one to secure them. However, camera installation is there to keep an eye on poaching activities.

Summer is at its peak and water crisis is prevailing everywhere. Even many of forest areas are suffering in crisis of water as staff is on strike and no one is there to fill up the water saucer and tanks formed inside jungles. Recently, eight deer died due to lack of water in state. Two days back a leopard was found dead in Chattarpur-Bijawar range. However, Forest Department said that it was natural death of the big cat but local sources said that the animal was died of gun shoot.

As per reports, tigress is active around Mendora jungle which is giving tough time to the officials. Several non conserved forest areas where big cats are present in good numbers are under threat of poachers. Forest Department has earlier planned to plantation in selected areas during rainy season. The plantation project worth Rs 7 crore seems to be spoiling as saplings are drying at nursery.

These saplings are planned to be planted in forest areas of state from July 15 to 30. Forest Department has started preparation for plantation during March 2018 and also dug the areas inside jungle. But after starting demonstration for 19 points demand, employees have boycotted their work and plants are being dried at nursery. The state level plantation drive launched by Forest Department would be destroyed with starting of rainy season.

Nirmala Tiwari, President of the employees association, said, “We have already informed about the indefinite strike and we will not withdraw untill our demands are approved. Forest Department will be responsible for all the loss during strike.” Large number of big cats are active around Bhopal jungles. Tigress T-123 is roaming with two cubs in Bhopal forest circle and other male tiger is also present around the area. Officials are not able to trace the location of tigers in Satpura Tiger Reserve for past four days.

Forest employees are demonstrating for 19-point demand. Demonstrators said, forest employees work for the department with dedication and put their life in danger to save wildlife but in response forest department is not paying well. They are demanding certain right with amendment in IPC and CRPC Act. Their demands are wages equivalent to police officials, 13 months allowance, uniforms to the forest guards, residential facility to the forest guard, Vanpal, Khsetrapal etc on Tehsil and block levels, grade pay 1900/5680, time bound wages to the forest guards after 10, 20 30 years of appointment, mediclaim, minimum Rs 15,000 wages to the Tendupatta managers etc facilities.