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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jul 2018 12:04:21


A lbert Einstein was once asked what enabled him to make his revolutionary discoveries. He replied: “It is not that I am gifted than anybody else. I am just more curious than the average person and I don’t give-up on a problem until I have found the proper solution. Solving problems is one of my greatest satisfactions in life.

The harder they are, the more satisfaction I get from them.” Everyone wants success but most people lack two very important qualities which are persistence and patience. Many are like farmers who keep digging up seeds to see how they are doing, never giving them the opportunity to take root. It is better to wait longer for goals to bear fruit than allowing it to merely flower. Impatience is a virtue only when it helps sharpening your focus on what you need to succeed. There is a story of a mother who was about to go out with her husband. As she prepared to feed their baby before they left, the husband became impatient waiting to go out immediately.

So, the mother put the strainer, fruits and bowl in his lap and asked him to do the work. As the husband changed clothes, he reasoned that there must be a better way to prepare baby food and that is how factory manufactured baby food was born. This incident shows that an idea becomes a goal which when pursued meets our needs. Along with it, a formula was also born called DOT that is Determination, Optimism and Toughness which invariably takes you to reach the goal! My teacher used to say: “Success is not an exclusive club.

It is open to each individual who has the courage to choose his own goal. Out of forward motion growth springs and out of it comes the human essence called victory. Remember, that the ultimate purpose of life is to test the human spirit. One should also have the courage to take the risk and feel the fear of failure, which is really the stepping stone to success. Also accept that you can create your lost world and that his how you wake-up yourself and wake-up others!” Once I listened to a sermon where the speaker was saying “One of the primary aim of religion is to teach people to like themselves and be good about themselves. People who feel good about themselves are usually charitable, generous, more for giving, less defensive about mistakes, more accessible to change and able to cope with misfortune and adversity.

Also religion does not identify our faults and urge us to improve. And religion becomes a cheerleader and that is the only way to grow. In a nutshell what religion offers is guidance and not judgement. All we have is what we really need. You make a connection and that is beautiful and redeeming. Similarly, we may never reach ultimate knowledge but we can take one step closer to understanding knowledge in principle and infinitely expandable. Unlike bullets and budgets, knowledge does not get used up. Knowledge is available to the poor and weak unlike fame and wealth.

Knowledge is a democratic source of power. None of us can guarantee that we will get what we want from life. But unless we want to passionately succeed, we will never be a winner or a champion. Also remember that nobody wins all the time. Know when you can afford to lose. Concentrate on essentials. Remember, that we can’t have everything we desire but what we have should be enough to make us content and happy. My father used to say: “There are four steps to get good advice. First, admit that you need it. It means that you have identified a problem and are prepared to listen. Second, beware that good advisors have no axe to grind.

They have no hidden agenda. Third, go to the right source having a track record. Fourth, identify the advisor and accept what he says. Lastly also remember, that it is the small things and not big deals that build an enduring relationship.” There is no ready-mix sources. Develop a CAN behaviour because if you can, you probably will. People plan and make careers.

They don’t drift into them behind a parent. Be consistently different unless the idea is common to everyone. A problem is an opportunity for a solution. Always look at a problem as if you are seeing it for the first time. Forget how they were handled in the past. As Andre Agassi, the Tennis star said: “A pair of damaged souls could put each other back together. Mere talk is not an invention, a challenge, obligation or filling time. It is making a connection. There is a fine line between successful people and the rest. That line is called the winners edge.