Nirbhaya Shelter home girls protest against Mandsaur child rape case

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jul 2018 11:51:42


Staff Reporter,

Nirbhaya Shelter home women held a protest condemning Mandsaur child rape case. They said that stringent punishment must be given to the accused. They said that the brutality subjected to small girl is heinous and as a nation, one must come together to protect children and the accused needs to be subjected to strict punishment.

Sher Afzal Khan Convener of the Welfare Association said that in schools awareness against child abuse needs to be increased. Boys needs to be taught about moral values too.

The pornography and the sudden rise of atrocities against young girl children has a relevant relation but the authorities are yet to take initiative to form scientific forum to discuss the subject on the table so as to curb the incidences .Every time child rape incident hits the city there are demonstrations , protest and public registers their aggressiveness against the incidences .The Police department fastens to nab the culprits , the counselors are appointed and the victim health is monitored in strict surveillance .

But that is not enough. Shilu Malviya social activists said that The parameters for the availability of the sources which led persons to behave insane through impulse actions needs to be studied so that proper measures can be adopted to stop such cases. Besides amendments in law and procedures to protect child rights .But to stop such incidence its required to understand the reasons especially as there is sudden rise of rape cases especially against young girls in the State . The start of aggressive campaigns to control AIDS in India ,studies were carried out and accordingly the measures were taken which resulted in taking the subject event to college level students which made a really significance.

Besides to understand the causes it is necessary to understand as the sudden rise has also to do with advancement in availability of the resources and for that the research study can be considered especially as the volume of such heinous crime is on rise all of sudden.